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Why you should buy FMM legally

Why you should buy FMM legally

We often see posted on Vibe comments like this “how do I get the real player names” or “please send me a save file”. Our answer is always the same “buy the game”.

I thought I would put in writing a few reasons why we don’t support piracy here at Vibe.

·        The creators deserve to be paid. No one should have to work for nothing and the creators of the game have worked hard through there studies and careers to be in a position where they are paid to create games like FMM.

·        It will help improve the game. SI Games is a business and as such needs to make money. That money is used to pay there employees but also to invest in new technology and new staff to work on the game which in turn should help the game get better.

·        It really isn’t that expensive. I know that is easy for me to say. I have a job and I live in a wealthy country but the game only costs £8.99 full price and will often be on sale now it has been out a while. You can also save up with schemes like Google rewards to help pay for it. Think of it this way. How much did the device you plan to play the game on cost? I suspect it was a lot more than the cost of the game.

·        You get the full experience of the game. You will have all the real player names and you can start any save in any league you wish at any time so why restrict yourself for the sake of a few pounds.

We are lucky that we have a good relationship with the creators of the game with many of them visiting the forums to see how the game is being received and to get ideas for future editions. We would never jeopardise that by supporting  piracy on this site and our Mods will remove posts that try to promote it in any way.

I never say this normally but please do not comment as none of this is up for discussion and Vibes stance on piracy will never change.

Thank you for reading

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Bumped for FMM22.

If you have come to Vibe for help wondering why your game doesn’t have real player names or asking for save data then please take a minute to read this first.

Thank you

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