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Help Overlapping fullbacks


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Hi guys, since I'm trying to replicate a good 4-3-1-2 I'd like to know if you have had success making your fullbacks to overlap and sit very high up the pitch without using the attacking/overload mentality.

The overlap instruction doesn't seem to work properly, at least for me at the moment, 'cause when I'm in possession of the ball my fullbacks barely make runs but it seems that they are stuck slightly above the D line.

Thanks for the help

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Do you use the fullback role or the wingback role? You may find you have more success with wingbacks as they want to get further forward. You could also try putting them in the WB positions instead of the DR/DL positions.

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These are just a couple of thoughts you could try if you are conceding too many goals. 

Have you tried a diamond by bringing the DLP back into the DMC position as that may help out the defence and allow the fullbacks to push on a little more.

You could also try and play with balanced instead of wide as that may create less gaps for the opposition to exploit and bring your players closer together for the short passing.

Just a couple of thoughts and I'm sure some of the other guys will help as well. 

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I’d be tempted to go narrow and play a high defensive line, and obviously implement what @FuddledFox said and bring the DLP down to the DMC position.

I find that this year playing the high defensive line with an all over press works really well

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