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Challenges The London Takeover Challenge


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The London Takeover Challenge

Hello Vibe and welcome to this challenge where we'll be looking at an obscure football record that is just perfect for a long term, excruciatingly difficult challenge. Without further ado, let's get into it. 

An Obscure Record

After a brief trip to Wikipedia to look for Challenge material, I came across the following record:

Most participants in top flight from one city: During the season 1989–1990, London had eight entrants in the top-flight: Arsenal, Charlton Athletic, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Millwall, Queen's Park Rangers, Tottenham Hotspur, and Wimbledon.

How interesting.....

The Challenge

You must make sure all 8 teams are inside the Premier League at the same time. This of course means you must get promoted or increase the odds of promotion for Charlton, Millwall, QPR and Wimbledon whilst ensuring Spurs, Palace, Chelsea and Arsenal stay in the league. 

Points System

You get 100 points for every team you manage to get promoted into the Premier League that play in London, 50 points for every season there is a London team in the Premier League, with each team being worth 50 points (So say in season one, all the current London teams stay in the PL, you'll get 200 points. Then say QPR and Millwall are promoted, you get 300 the next season) and finally 500 points for every season all 8 teams are in the Premier League. 

How do you feel about the challenge? Thanks for reading!


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