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Tactics Shadow Striker tactic

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Hi everyone.

After trying out different tactics from this site i decided to try and make my own tactic.

With lots of failed attempts behind me i Came to this tactic and settings.


And now for the results half way through my second season (first one was a big disaster once in reached the play-offs.

Started using this tactic after the friendly matches.


only tested it to this point and only with this team.

Feedback/tips/testers to improve the tactic are welcome

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This looks good @The_0NE, if you make the front line into 3 SS and get it to work as good, you could attempt the No Strikers Challenge, you would smash it looking at your achievements above, and it's only one season

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Closest thing to a working Julian Nagelsmann tactic I've seen.


Will test but need to decide on a team to use it with.

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