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Career Mcandrew003 Takes On The Ryder Cup Challenge!


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HELLO Vibe and welcome to my newest career, where I'll be taking on the absoloutley superb challenge, which can be found here, created by Challenge mastermind @danovic78.

The basic premise of this fantastic challenge is this; I must use only European players (and a maximum of 4 per country, subject to the foursomes rule) to grab as many points from winning competitions and individual player performance as possible. The challenge can last a maximum of 16 years, however I'm going to play it for 4 years, which I belive is perfectly fine and enough time to lodge a decent score at my chosen team. 

I'm Three seasons in now so I'm raring to go with the first update, hopefully this career appeals to a good number of vibers and I can get some support in my pursuit of a solid score to keep me at the peak of the leaderboard for, hopefully, a long time. 

In uodate one I'll go over my designated striker, the team I've managed to assemble, where the non-Europeans have ended up and most importantly, how we performed and the points we racked up. Until then though, I'd love to hear how you think I'll do and the team you think I'll end up being! 

Below is a little hint ;)....


I'm one of Europe's finest teams and my trophy cabinet is creaking with silverware. We were led to glory by a British born manager, and was the home to a global superstar before a highly publicised, big money move abroad. 

Thanks for reading and make sure to comment!

Edited by mcandrew003
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Just now, NucleusNT said:

I’m gonna take a guess and say Barcelona? But could also be United? Anyway, all the best mate I’m sure you’ll nail it

Very close mate, all will be revealed soon ;)

Thanks! Gradually building up for a big career, jumped from a one season challenge to a four season one. Hopefully I can complete a few this year unlike last year where I failed to complete a single one! 

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Season 1

Good afternoon Vibe and welcome to the very first update of my attempt at the Ryder Cup challenge! This is my first long term-ish challenge this year and I'll try and pack it full of info as much as I possibly can. Just a quick note, I forgot to take a lot of screenshots in season 1 so I'm sorry about that, I've managed to keep up in the next few years though. In the first year I wanted to get some points on the board, whilst making sure we assemble a squad capable of competing for the next 4 years. 

So, firstly we need to establish the team we've chosen for the challenge. @NucleusNT correctly guessed the side we've embarked upon the challenge with, as I've chosen the Red Devil's of Manchester! I wanted a challenge and starting with not only my favourite team, but not even the best team in England will provide more of a difficult task than breaking Spain with Madrid. So, we've gone for United


A decent starting squad with a lot of money, we can definitely challenge for honours in season one, which will hopefully set us up for the next three years where we can get a good score on that (currently) empty leaderboard. If we can win anything this year, then, hopefully, the next three will be easy tasks. 

Transfer Business

So in season one we were tasked with the challenge of practically shipping off all non-Europeans. So, we halved the asking price of all our players who applied to this bracket and managed to move the majority of them on. We also disposed of other 'squad' players such as the mighty Fellaini, trying to rid any hint of weakness in our squad. 



So, ah abundance of talent entering the doors at Old Trafford. Before the eagle-eyed of you viewers spot it, we did Loan in Bentacur, who is Uruguayan, and Ontiveros, despite having too many Spaniards if he stayed. So, we immediately terminated those loans. I clearly wasn't thinking straight. Although it doesn't show we also signed Naby Keita but sold him immediately too, actually making a profit. Anyway. We splash A LOT of cash on a new defence, with Veetonghen adding much needed experience whilst Nastasic, Bellerin and Emerson add a youthful and quality outlook to our side. Klostermann was our back-up Wing Back, whilst Zakaria and Zielinski come in to strengthen our midfield. Our three pronged attack stayed the same this year, with Lukaku, Martial and Mkhitaryan leading the line. 



Yeah, Keita left instantly. We also sold the majority of our non-Europeans, unfortunately strengthening a few league rivals but it had to be done. Other squad players also left as, well, they were surplus to requirements. 

Designated Striker

So a rule we were given was that we get one or two strikers in our squad to use as additional point getters, as their strikes counted towards our tally. I opted for only one in order to add a more challenging element, with Romelu Lukaku being my choice. Below is how he did for the season;


Poor. We switched tactic midway through the campaign and he bagged a good amount, so hopefully next year he'll hit closer to 50. Any points are helpful however and a good amount of strikes to add to any silverware we manage in the season.

Performance Review

So, the main part of the update, how did we do and how does that translate to points? Well for a brief summary, the Manager History page can give us the answers we require....


We achieve the quadruple. I was outstandingly happy with the Champions League victory as winning that gives us the most points and that's invaluable at this stage. We bow out early in the FA Cup, but hopefully that won't be a recurring issue in years to come. Below are some memorable moments in these competitions. 

Premier League



A tight season sees us win the league on the last day with a thumping of Chelsea. Big win for the lads and hopefully the first of 4.


Champions League



Big win against the second best in France. The aggregate says it all, too much quality. 


And we rip through Benfica in the Semi's. I know I missed it but we beat Barca 11-1 on aggregate in the QF's.


This rings a bell :O We dispatch of Chelsea thanks to a penalty shootout. Martial saved our skins and we can only thank him as that's 50 points!

I forgot the other screenshots :P

Additional Points

Manager Of The Year:


League Top Goalscorer:


Player Of The Year: Unfortunately, and rather surprisingly, couldn't manage this one!

Total Points;

Premier League(25) + Carabao Cup(20) + Champions League(50) + European Super Cup(20) + Lukaku Goals(37) + MOTY(5) +Top Goalscorer(5) = 172 Points

So, a great number of points on the board for Season One. Hopefully for the following three seasons we can grab 200 or more per year and lodge a big score on that leaderboard! 

Thanks a lot for reading, make sure to comment on how you think I did, who I should sign and if you like the look of the challenge.



Edited by mcandrew003
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35 minutes ago, NucleusNT said:

Great first season mate. Really well written too. KIU

Thanks and thanks! I'm happy with the title and trophy wins, hopefully we can take that into season 2 and get Lukaku's numbers up. 

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3 hours ago, Titjes said:

Well done for your first season mate ;)

Things will only go better from now on ;)

Thank a lot mate!

Let's hope so, would love to set a big score ;)

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7 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Another golf challenge :) good start! 

I know right haha. Thanks mate, hopefully I can consistently win silverware like this to get a good score.

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5 hours ago, Taff said:

Decent start mate, I'm sure season 2 will be much better

Thanks Taff, hopefully yeah but we'll have to see if the lads can pick up on a decent start. Thanks for commenting!

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Mcandrew003 Takes On The Ryder Cup - Season 2

Hello Vibe and welcome to season 2 of my attempt at the Ryder Cup challenge. In Season one we managed a decent, if unspectacular score with our new crop of talent, now however with a decent shape and squad set up it was time to push on and attempt to grab a plethora of points, of possible. Another summer of hustling and bustling in the window means that will, like last time, be our first port of call for today's update as we try and assemble Europe's finest. 

Transfer Business



So, where do we start? Firslty, look at how much money we spent! We needed some major boosts and to do that in this day and age, you need to spend money. Guerreiro comes in as our starting left wing-back to challenge Emerson and give us strength in depth in that department. Martins and Sterling are our two new wingers and give us something more, dynamic, on the wings, whilst Meret is De Gea's number two, Ceballos come in to sit by Pogab and Ajer is our replacement centre half. 



Practically just trimming the squad and keeping a young core. Matic performed wonderfully for us last year but at 29 I have a massive thing for keeping the squad young and I couldn't turn down £70 Million. A few other older players left and we had to get rid of Shaw to keep out English contingent down to 4. 

So, that's the business we did in the winter and summer. Now I think we should look at how we did in our second campaign as United manager. Be warned, it's a good one ;)

Season 2 Performance

I think all we need to sum up this year is the below image....


Three of our players in the World Team Of The Year. A great domestic season and success in Europe (which we'll get into shortly) sees us grace this team. Let's move onto the important stuff, though. 

League Season:


Much more comfortable than last year's title win, we manage to get our hands round the second title of the career and a nice 25 points to add to our already tasty total! 

Champions League


In short, we won the Champions League rather comfortably, one again! The competition with the most points attached to its name, I'm delighted to say I'm already a two time champion. Below are just a few big moments from our journey....



FA Cup.


The competition that's alluded me so far in this challenge, we get an FA Cup trophy to our name at the second time of asking. Another tasty 20 points and our total is growing at a big rate!

Community Shield


Not quite sure how, but we managed to miss out on this one. Maybe it was early season fitness that saw us crumble, or the fact our new recruits needed time to bed in. We'll go again next year though. 

Club Wolrd Championship


2-0 and 20 points. I believe I saw someone call this the easier to win but hardest to qualify for, and that couldn't be more right. 

The Squad

Before we promptly move on to how our designated striker did in season two, let's take a minute to look at the abundance and variety of nationalities in our squad. 


So many pretty colours :O We have quite a diverse squad and I'm happy to say a successful one. 

Designated Striker

Lukaku was back for round two with the Premier League this year and it's fair to say he brought a bit more bite with him.....


Switchign him to a CF made all the difference as he bags an incredible 65!

His great from saw him snatch some awards, too....


Aswell as myself, of course :P


Point Total:

Premier League(25 Points) + FA Cup(20 Points) + Champions League(50 Points) + CWC(20 Points) + Lukaku Goals( 65 Goals) + Manager Of The Year(5 Points) + Player Of The Year( 5 Points) + League Top Goalscorer(5 Points) = 195 Points! 

2017/18 = 172 Points

2018/19 = 195 Points

Total = 367 Points

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the update and I'd love to hear how you think I did, what you think of my point total and, well, anything else!

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2 hours ago, Titjes said:

Good season mate ;) But you aint done yet, 2 more season, so get that score up some more so it get's hard to beat it ;) 

Thanks mate, hopefully in the next two years Lukaku beds in and gets closer to 80 goals to really boost the total!

1 hour ago, danovic78 said:

Nice solid couple of seasons. Lukaku defiantly upped his game in that season.

Cheers mate! Yeah the players around him and switching to a CF really brought out the best of him. I'm excited to see how he does next year with a full season behind him.

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Mcandrew003 Takes On The Ryder Cup - Season 3

Hey guys and welcome once again to my attempt at the Ryder Cup challenge! Our first two seasons saw us pick up a sizeable score, with last update being particularly successful with a big season for Lukaku and yet another treble. This year we try and push on to win every trophy available to our side, and grab Lukaku a few extra goals. So, let's get into it!

Transfer Business



Slightly less business this time round as we bring in just three players. Verratti came in towards the latter end of the year so just ignore him for now ;). Carlos Soler came in as our new Central Midfielder as he was performing admirably in Spain with Valencia, so merited a place in our squad. Gnabry was transfer Listed at Bayern and with exponential attributable growth I thought he'd be a great replacement for Juan Mata. Finally, Will Mannion arrived at Old Trafford for a very small fee from second division Hull as our third choice Keeper to give us depth, and use up one of our two available English slots. 


I forgot to take the screenshots :S

Season 3 Performance

So, could we somehow improve upon what was a near perfect season last year and grab a few extra points? Well, let's start with our league campaign....

League Campaign


Unbeaten. Broken the goal record. Won the league. The perfect season alluded us thanks to two tragic draws where we should have smashed the teams. Our 36 wins basically looked like this:



Community Shield


We just about scrape a few extra points thanks to a lacklustre attacking performance from my front line. We should have dismantled City but unfortunately it took penalties to win the game. Ah well. A win is a win. 

Club World Championship


That's better! We beat The American Man City with ease to claim some more points. I believe this was one of Soler's first goals, too!

FA Cup


An incredibly exciting game in the Cup Final sees us scrape it again! Our defence was leaky today, maybe it was the nerves or fatigue, but our attack was lethal!

Champions League Final


We stroll to Champions League success, with Torres' late goal not meaning a thing. We claim the biggest club tournament on the planet for our third consecutive season!

Team Performance

Just a quick look at our team and how our players performed individually. 







Our Designated Striker

So, could Lukaku improve on a sublime second season? Let's have a look!


And we go 5 better! He played 10 more games which was a bit dissapointing as I would have loved more than 5 goals from that spell, but it's still a massive 5 goals as it's 5 extra points in the end. 


Comfortably the leagues top scorer for an extra 5 points. 


And the final 5 bonus points for Lukaku as he wins the PPOTY. 


And I win MOTY again ;)

So, let's look at our total points for season three!

Premier League(25 points) + FA Cup(20 points) + Community Shield(20 points) + Champions League(50 points) + Club World Cup(20 points) + Lukaku Goals(70 points) + POTY(5 points) + MOTY(5 points) + League top scorer(5 points) = 220 Points

17/18 = 172 Points

18/19 = 195 Points

19/20 = 220 Points

Total = 587 Points

A huge jump in points this year in our penultimate year, we've got one more season to grind out as many points as we physically can! Thanks for reading and remember to leave a comment on what you thought about the update, how you thought I did or anything else! 

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30 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Fantastic writing as always mate ;)

Great season again. Looking at your jump in points each season, next season around 240-250 points? :P


Lets hope so, a great final season would be great to put a good score on the leaderboard!

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1 hour ago, danovic78 said:

Nice steady improvement here in scores, looks like a good total on the leaderboard.

Cheers mate, I'm hoping for a last big push!

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Mcandrew003 Takes On The Ryder Cup!

Hello everybody and welcome to the fourth and final update from my attempt at the wonderful Ryder Cup challenge. With this being my final entry in my golfing-themed adventure, I'll try and include a little more detail so you can see the behind the scenes of the save, almost. Wanted to say, sorry for being so quiet all around recently, been very busy! Anyway, let's get on with it and see if we can end this fairly fruitful attempt on the highest note possible. 




So, with just one season left to play and a bank busting with money, I couldn't help but splash out in one last attempt to stick an unbeatable score on the challenge leaderboard and create a team worthy of being considered champions, which was our overall aim once again. Verratti was THE big money move of the summer, with me almost lashing out in an attempt to secure the title before the season even started. Neves was brought in to replace an outgoing flop for another relatively big sum and Juste, who I suspect is Robben's regen, came in to strengthen out flanks for one last campaign, though he was injured for 6 months at one point :O



I didn't really sell anyone major for the last season in an attempt to keep a bulky squad. Zielinski was traded in for a player two times his quality, and that's about it! 

Right, the transfers were mostly ins for season four, as the squad was practically set for one more big season of battles. Let's see how that season panned out. 

Season Four

League Season


Another barnstorming campaign sees us claim League crown number four in a clean sweep for domestic Title wins. The season couldn't have been more comfortable and the players preformed exaclty how they needed to in order to grab us as many points as possible. From now onwards in this update it'll be tight to see if we can grab more points than last year! 

Current Points: 25 Points

Points To Beat: 220 Points

FA Cup

Unfortunately I forgot the image, but we were knocked out in the fourth round :@

Community Shield


Oh no! The quest for points isn't looking so promising as we fall to another cup defeat, at the hands of arch rivals Liverpool on penalities. Lukaku needs to have had a brilliant season if we are to stand a chance! 

Current Points: 25 Points

Points To Beat: 220 Points

Carabao Cup


This one was straight forward as we cruise to a cup win. Much needed points and a Lukaku double!

Current Points: 45 Points

Points To Beat: 220 Points

Champions League


Another easy win, another Lukaku double, another CL title! The biggest trophy available is in our back pocket for the fourth time, giving us much needed points at this stage. 

Current Points: 95 Points

Points To Beat: 220 Points

European Super Cup


We rip apart Bayern fairly easily to claim another 20 points on the board. Lukaku scores again! 

Current Points: 115 Points

Points To Beat: 220 Points

Club World Championship

Another screenshot I tragically forgot to take, so here's the summary to prove my victory :D



Current Points: 135 Points

Points To Beat: 220 Points

It's not looking good, let's hope Lukaku had a stunning year!

Designated Striker


Awful. Lukaku's Goals dropped despite Games rising and he fails to hit the heights of last year. Still an ok total but not enough. 

Current Total: 202 Points

Points To Beat: 220 Points

Could we crape it with the manager and player awards? Let's see! 

Never mind, we can't :@ We can suppose he won the league top scorer, but with no proof it can't count, which is the same with the Manager awards. So, we end on 202 points, which is still a great total but not above last year's, which is slightly dissapointing but hey, what can we do! 

I thought it'd be nice to look through a few things from around the career just to round it up, hopefully you find them interesting. If not, then just skip this bit and read the closing paragraph! 

Manager Profile


Not quite as impressive as @samhardy's impressive manager record from his Bayern save, but I'm still delighted with how this profile looks, though that discipline could be better!

Trophy Cabinet


21 overall trophies in four seasons is a beautiful sight to the eyes, and I'm extremely delighted with all we've achieved :D

Manager Best XI


Some interesting ones in there for sure. The formation for start is slightly off, and I wouldn't have Klostermann or Citroen in there, but the game makes the decision! 

Manager Rankings


Only second?! What has Lopetegui done?! Second is acceptable if a little disappointing. 

Point Total - Overall

17/18 = 172 Points

18/19 = 195 Points

19/20 = 220 Points

20/21 = 202 Points

Total = 789 Points

What a great total! I couldn't be happier with the amount of points ive managed to collect in this challenge and I think I've lodged a good score that will, hopefully, allow me to sit on the leaderboard for a while. I've massively enjoyed this save and a big thanks to @danovic78 for creating such a fun and interesting challenge. I definitely encourage people to give it a go, or deserves more attention than it's got. Thanks to all  for reading, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my score, the career and, well, anything else! I hope you enjoyed and here's to my next career!



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14 hours ago, NucleusNT said:

Congrats mate! Great score that, a tough one to beat


13 hours ago, Titjes said:

Very nice score mate ;) great write up as always :)

Cheers lads, hopefully you enjoyed!

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