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Career Rob goes strikerless - an attempt


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So, here is my attempt at the wonderful strikerless challenge created by @FuddledFox

The team: PSG. Yep, I've gone for an easier one. 

The players:


KDB is an obvious one. The other two are purely as I wanted two speedy players who could cut in. 

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Well, one of the players performed:


The other two? Not so much:


Goals: 46+20+13=79.

Assists: 27+10+17=54.




Total: 79+54+149=282.

A few lessons learnt. I’m going to give it another go later with Madrid using a variation of my eventual TT tactic with the attackers dropped back. 

A cracking challenge though.


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EME. It’s a good challenge, as not only do you have to select the strikerless three well, you also have to be conscious of having a squad big enough to rotate towards the business end of the season. Mine was flying until the last two months of the season, at which point I instantly regretted expending on those three and not spending the funds to improve my backup players.

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The two gross underachievers were IF, whilst KDB was SS. I’m going to try three SS next at Madrid. You can’t play them as strikers or top level IF.

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