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iScout Gelson Martins


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Gelson Martins IScout

Player Factfile:

Name - Gelson Martins

Age - 22 Years Old (11.5.95)

Current Club: Sporting Lisbon

Previous Clubs: None

Nationality: Portuguese (Part Cape Verdian)

Value: £50M +

Season One


At the start of the game, Gelson is a solid winger who can play both sides and has some solid attributes to boot. However at just 22 years of age he can almost certainly improve his already green attributes, and turn the majority of the blue ones that colour too. Let's see how he develops over a 4 year period. 

4 Years Later


For lack of an earlier screenshot, we look at Gelson four years on in his development. A dramatic upturn in almost all attributes sees him become one of the best players that Portugal has ever had to offer, maybe even better than CR7. The wide man isn't cheap, and will likely cost you the best part of £50 Million, but he offers a solid 10 years of service at the very least at the highest level. What makes Martins such an asset is that he develops incredibly quickly compared to other 'wonderkid' dubbed players. He can bring up several of his blue attributes to green in a matter of months most of the time, and will almost always be a success. Make sure to get him early on, a mistake I made as, as you'd imagine, his value rises massively, perfectly in time with his quality, and he cost me £100+ a good three seasons in (spoiler to my career). But hey, it's worth the money as he'll be a mainstay in your side for years to come. 

Thanks for reading this IScout, I hope you found it helpful and hope I used the feature right. 

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