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Challenges One Trophy Wonder Challenge

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A respost of my challenge from last year....

Hello Vibe and welcome to the One Season Wonder Challenge! This is a fairly simple concept that requires you to bounce around the divisions looking to fill your endless trophy cabinet with silverware from around the world! 

The Concept

Loading any database you like, the concept for this challenge is simple. Win as many trophies as you possibly can! Every time you win a trophy, you must resign and move onto a new club straight away, which could see you move between 2-3 clubs a season if your eyes lucky! The main aim is to attempt to win every trophy available to you as a manager, and every trophy matters with the below points system making not only winning trophies important, but the calibre of trophies has an impact, too!

Points System

15 Points for a League Title (Any division, even lower league sides)

10 Points for the main domestic cup (FA Cup, Spanish Cup etc....)

5 Points for the secondary domestic cup (Carabao Cup, Copa Del Rey etc....)

20 Points for a Europa League Title

40 Points for a Champions League Title

15 Points for a Club World Championship Title

10 points for a Europa Super Cup Title

5 points for your countries super cup (Community Shield, Spanish Super Cup etc....)

15 points for a Confederation Cup Title (International)

30 Points for Continental Championship (European Championships, Asian Cup etc....)

50 Points for a World Cup Title

So, with that points system in mind, go out into the managerial world and see how much silverware you can grab!

There will be 2 Leaderboards for this challenge. One will be for how many trophies that have been won and one for amount of points gained from the trophies. This will hopefully allow us to see who has won more, yet who has won more significant silverware!


Leaderboard ( Trophies)







Leaderboard ( Points)








All usual challenge rules ( no reloading, no IGE, no unlocks led unless in game, etc...)

A thread is recommended if attempting

Good luck! 

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of the challenge and if you'll be giving it a go!



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3 minutes ago, NucleusNT said:

Well instead of the 1k I suggested, why don’t you try this one instead! Great challenge mate 

Well I'm not the best at Player challenges :P thanks mate!

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1 minute ago, mcandrew003 said:

Has that triple threat gone to your head? :P

Nah just another save for me, not about me though back onto you and there's no denying you're absolutely crap at FMM :laugh:

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4 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Nah just another save for me, not about me though back onto you and there's no denying you're absolutely crap at FMM :laugh:

Any way I can prove you wrong? :P

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