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Career Gunnersaur Tries to save Arsenal

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Arsenal... a team I have supported all my life. They went from invincible to not winning the league in 14 years. Not easy to watch this big club ( or what used to be) struggle so this is where I come in and ressurect them (hopefully)

First update coming soon

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8 minutes ago, Rob2017 said:

Pffttt... as a Spurs fan I hope this career fails miserably ??

Thank you .. That's the kindest thing a spurs fan has ever said to me ?

added 0 minutes later
46 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Wenger is finally gone, make sure it's not Gunnersaur Out the fans are screaming in a few months time ;)

Thanks man ... let's hope not

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Season 1: Part 1

we have had a surrisingly good season so far. We have not lost a game all season and I'm as suprised as the rest of you but it's going well





We showed pep we are a big team again

League Table


Top of the league highest goal difference aswell which Is a bonus

Transfers In


Transfers Out


A classy 127million for that ...thing

Next update soon


Edited by gunnersaur
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