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Career 3T: Rob’s Tottenham Triple Threat Attempt


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I’ve done one of these for PSG ‘to get one in the locker’, so to speak. But with what I’ve learnt, the fact I’m a Spurs fan, and wanting to see if i could do it at a club in a harder league I’ve decided to give it a pop at Spurs. 


The players

So, the three boys I selected:


Two boys I love managing, plus one (Isak) who I’ve never given it a go with but everyone on here loves. Isak got injured immediately, by the way, hence the 35% condition.


I forgot to take a screenshot, which is annoying. I took one at the end of the season but that includes people I sold after the domestic season ended but before the season update. Grrrr. But I essentially cleared out the deadweight, and then signed, of quite a few, the following:

Theo Hernandez







The three lads

And then the usual profit players such as Caio, Pavon, Scarpa, Barco, Wendel, Rajkovic, and Rodrygo.


My plan is to use my new ‘Ragnarok’ tactic (I watched the latest Thor film yesterday). It’ll get Isak loads of goals; the other boys will have to get goals where they can. I’m kinda intrigued how it does as it has done good in testing.

I have pretty much restructured the whole team, so season 1 won’t be great (in fact, I know it wasn’t as I’ve just completed it - update to follow) and due to their ages any goals scored whatsoever will be useful. Some wise person on here once said any goals before twenty should always be seen as bonus goals and I wholly agree.

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Season 1

So the lads have stumbled out of kindergarten directly in to Spurs’ first team, led by the almighty Sir Rob. Here’s how we did:


We won the league and FA Cup, losing only three times.


We lost the Carabao Cup semi to Chelsea but then sorted them out in the Cup.


And lost to Liverpool over two legs in the Champions League. Two sendings off in two games for a team that barely got players sent off. Thanks FMM!



The players

Isak got going about half way through the season, where he all of a sudden improved.


From there he was scoring for fun. Son ended up getting most of my goals towards the start of the season as I ended up having to sub him on to win games.



Im hoping for 100+ next season.

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2 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Good luck with the challenge ;) Some quality signings you did there ;) 

Thanks. I find I end up buying the same people all the time in this game.

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Just now, Rob2017 said:

Thanks. I find I end up buying the same people all the time in this game.

Good season to start with ;) they are still young and got lots of time left :) 

I think most of us have some player(s) they always sign ;) 

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Season 2




I also did a few more after the season ended, selling Fabinho for a small profit as he did not get game times. 



Barca knocked us out of the Champs League. Chelsea did us in the Carabao.

The boys


Bit disappointing, but they are still twelve. 


65+76=141 to date.  I'll take that.

Kai got in the team of the year too... in the wrong position. 


When I have figured out how to do the hidden content I'll do that next time.

Edited by Rob2017
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Season 3


I won't bore with all the transfers, but essentially I spent most of my budget and profits over the first few years to strengthen this year. £150m net spend this year.


My main signings were Varane, Telles, and Marquinhos. I can't see me net-spending too much per summer now, especially with my youth investments.  


I tend to find the way I structure squads and manage my finances tends to lean towards me starting to win most stuff in my third season, which I did. Chelsea FMMed me in the Cup Final. I hate Chelsea. 


The boys


98 goals. Isak was flying, then went about a month without scoring. Weird. Isak and Kai are now 20.  Vinicious is 19.

98+141=239 to date. 1,261 to go.


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