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Help Goalposts out of Position


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Hi guys, i have an issue on my fmm18 that is really annoying. Recently, in every match the goalposts are off centered and out of position and the play on the original match engine suffers as a result, in that the play is skewed etc (As shown in pic, free kick wall is lower than it usually is on the match engine as an example). I don't know if anyone else has has had this problem so i am posting here. 


Before you ask, yes i have paid for the game, and the only adjustment i made was downloading the megapack from this site.

This is also my first time playin on ios as before this since fmh2013 i have been on android, although i fail to see how this should affect the game.


Attached is a picture of the issue

Please help as i have started to lose interest in this game as a result of this problem :(

fmm18 problem.jpg

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You sure you aren’t tilting your tablet and making the goalposts slip down the screen?

Log it in the bugs thread - the SI guys will hopefully pick it up. 

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