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Career It's a 3k Jim, but not as we know it!!


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Hello.....anybody there?


Oh hi there, thank you for taking the time to read through the opening post of yet another challenge.

As the title suggests....this is a 3k challenge...ooooooooooh!

But this one is a little bit different, and involves 4 players! 


Yup. 4 players, 1 Striker, 1 AMC and 2 wingbacks!


Are you intrigued yet? Hmmm....maybe.

Well let me explain, here is the beef of it all.

The plan is to smash 1.5k in goals with my chosen striker....this guy:


                   Willem Guebbels.

But also to smash 1.5k in assists....so my other 3 guys must achieve 500 assists each.

My chosen guys are:



           Emanuel Reynoso.

And my wingbacks:



                      Kieron Tierney.



                Anthony Ralston

As you can probably tell i will be ploughing through this career with the mighty Celtic and i shall be using the OME.

Remember, my 3 assisters must get 500 assists each not just sharing the 1.5k.

So there you go, the beef has been explained.

I hope you read through this little introduction and are now thinking "wow, i will defo follow this"! If not im sorry i did not tweek your interest but there are other challenges on here that will surely entertain you more...NOT!!!



Edited by Acidsparxx
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11 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Best of luck!

Thank you sir.

10 minutes ago, Kingsolop said:

Welcome to the OME side mate! Happy ploughing


My Ceni challenge was on OME but this is the only other thing im doing on it.


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2 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

Love the sound of this. good luck Sparxxy.

Thanks Foxy.

Just now, PriZe said:

You need to stay away from that Acid :O 

Too late dude....years of abuse has taken its toll!

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1 minute ago, PriZe said:

See whats wrong here? Sparxxy... like your a puppy?

Sparxxy is good...but not like a puppy.

More like a raging electrical storm!! ?

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1 minute ago, Acidsparxx said:

More like a raging electrical storm!! ?

It's the Y that does it... 

added 0 minutes later

But in woodY it makes you likeable. But still keep that i have a big wood thing allure for the ladies

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14 minutes ago, Acidsparxx said:

My Ceni challenge was on OME but this is the only other thing im doing on it.

Sorry for my mistake.... Still....Happy ploughing(y)

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