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Career Trying the One Season Strikerless Challenge


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My first try to beat the record.

The club i picked is man u.

The players:Screenshot_20180307-233112.thumb.png.cae79a8e6bfc6dabf7eaa7062eddaf23.png


Tot injured for a month at the start of the season


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11 hours ago, Rob2017 said:

How you finding it?

Hard because in everyday match my 3am get tired (below 60) around min 65 - 70

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End of season results.

Got a prettig good season.

Second in the league. Won the CL. 

Only losing 5 games this season and only 0.5 GA per game



Making the total points  to 254.

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15 minutes ago, JohnyBravo said:

Nice score, what tactic did you use? Looks solid defensivly(conceded considerably less than I did in La Liga)

Used my own tactic.

Still needs some testing and tweaking (in the attacking part) and they i might post it on the forum

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Season half results


53 points + 36 GD = 89 points


19+13+13 goals = 45 points


11+9+6 assists = 26 points

Total 26+45+89 = 160 points.

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1 minute ago, Ashez said:

Unlucky with the first attempt but this second attempt looks promising :)

Only problem is the fatigue level. Mostly i only play 2 of my 3 picked players and sub one with lowest condition

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4 hours ago, Titjes said:

Great total score mate ;) and an unbeaten season :D

Unbeaten in the league. Lost 2 games in the seasonScreenshot_20180313-155828.thumb.png.074b6c898c9d4c43b47d9f73fd16464c.png

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