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Career Double trouble in Brugge


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Giving the double trouble challenge a go with Club Brugge.

The players i picked are



Friendly's are done and Diatta scored 7 and Dennis scored 5 (in 4games)

Hope they continue like this

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5 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Good luck mate, fun to see you do this in the belgian league :D

Going to je hard to keep those 2 happy for the next 10-15 years

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11 hours ago, danovic78 said:

Good luck on this, make sure you tie them down on long term contracts ;)

They have till 2021 and 2022 contract atm

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SEASON 1 finished.



Diatta had a bad season with 2*1month injury and not gaining any attribute points.

He still managed to score 18 goals and make 9 assists



Dennis had a very good season (for a belgian team) he scored 46 and made 11 assists alsof had a good attribute boost.

If he keeps playing like this he will be very hard to keep (already had a 30mil offer on him)

Goals: 64/1200

Assists: 20/600

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Season 2

Had a good first season half but then it went really bad

Diatta dus slightly better this season


Dennis was unhappy for most of the season 

He wants tot move to a bigger club so he had shit results



Goals: 116/1200

Assists: 39/600


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