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Career KTS Goes Strikerless


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1 Season Strikerless Challenge

I have noticed that this challenge has become very popular amongst the vibe faithful and decided to chance my arm.

The basic premise is to score as many goals/assists and win as many games as possible using no strikers and 3 attacking midfielders.

The Team

I have noticed many of the players of this challenge using giants of the modern game.  PSG, Barca, Man City etc. 

@Ashez did a fine job with Villa too.

I chose former premier league champions. A team who took on the might of Manchester United and won. I am talking early premier league, I am talking SAS, I am talking chickens on the pitch........


I am of course talking Blackburn Rovers whose descent into league 1 has made this career interesting.

The Players

So, who would we choose as our 3 players for this team? Well, 2 are already at the club; one permanently, the other on loan. The third is available on a free transfer but used to be at one of the most historic and best suported clubs in the world.

Firstly the Blackburn Player. He has good attributes, plenty of promise and a gut full of pride. Bring on the Dack attack.




Next is our loanee. From hudderfield. His name sounds like something you get from lifting heavy objects all day but he plans on being a Payne in the oppositions arse.




Finally we have a player who comes in on a free, a player I have utilised as backup in many earlier iterations of FMM. He has played for Celtic. He is a rare breed of player but he is also.....




So there are our players. Now.....

The Tactic

I had never created a strikerless tactic before so I experimented with Getafe, the playoff winning promoted team in Spain. With this tactic I finished 3rd behind Real and Barca, so I used it in this challenge.




Essentially the idea is to have the defence sitting deep, absorbing attacks then the ball is worked forward either through the hard working wing backs or the midfield who will not push forward too hard themselves. Then through balls will be slotted to the three attackers who stay forward, constantly looking for space.

The Season

I expected a very good season from the team and I believe they delivered.

Carabao cup


Hull knocked us out early but they got lucky with that penalty as we were absorbing that attack so well.

FA cup


We got knocked out by arsenal in round 3 but we didnt make it easy for the far superior side.

Checkatrade Trophy

This one I hoped to win


And did, by smashing Southend in the final.

League 1


This is where we shone, going undefeated all year with 118 points and a 66 goal difference for our challenge.


So we already know we have plenty of points from our team performance so how about our 3 players?



His attributes have improved plenty


And it shows with an impressive tally of goals and assists



Again, great attribute improvements here


And a decent goal/assist tally for the lad



The veteran looks good with some greens here


And he impresses on the goal/assist front too.


So we finally tot it all up.

League points = 118

Goal difference = 66

Dack - Goals = 41  Assists = 23

Payne - Goals = 22  Assists = 18

Commons - Goals = 42  Assists = 20

Total Points = 350

Thanks to @FuddledFox for this fantastic challenge.

Edited by kts365
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6 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Woah. Like, woah. You smashed it! Loved the choice of players and team, got to say I'm massively impressed.

Thanks man. Specifically chose league 1 for the 46 game season and chance of 3 domestic cup runs. Disappointed that i am not top of the leaderboard haha

added 0 minutes later
3 minutes ago, FuddledFox said:

Nice score.

Jack payne oh how oxford could do with you now:(

Thanks mate. Poor oxford......

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52 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Great score that mate really showing @Ashez how to do it in the EFL! Nicely done :)

I am sure @Ashez can do better that he did. Villa are just dire. 

I think i will have another go at this challenge soon. I really enjoyed it.

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