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Challenges The Little & Large Challenge


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The Little & Large Challenge

While discussing potential challenges with @samhardy for his Vibe Premier League i was hit by this concept which I thought was pretty cool, I offered this as a challenge for Sam but he reworked it into the challenge that was released. The beauty of the Vibe Premier league is it's tied to matches played and not to seasons which inspired me to create this little beauty. 

The Challenge

The Challenge consists of two bite sized parts which merge together to create one big challenge. 

Part One

Take charge of the top side in any division based on real life tables at the point of starting. You now play 20 league games with this side keeping note of your league points +/- your goal difference. 

Part Two

You now start a new save but you take charge of the team bottom of your originally chosen league IRL. You now play 20 league games with this new side and record your league points and goal difference. 

Final Score

Your final score is adding both league point totals +/- both your goal differences. 

1. Use table from time of starting
2. Can be played in either order
3. Own formations only
4. SI databases only
5. No unlockables or editors
6. No reloading
7. You can only have two attempts tied together, you can't have a strong part one then repeatedly try for a strong part two. 
8. Evidence will be required, I suggest posting a career thread for us to follow. 

This challenge is pretty short at 40 matches total while it also tests your ability at both ends of the table. You'll need to master the title challenge and the relegation battle to top the Leaderboard in this unique challenge!


Good luck and enjoy. 

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Nice short challenge dude, once I get this next VPL game out of the way I'll give it a go, might even combine it with the Vibe Community Tactic Challenge as well

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