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Challenges The Vibe Community Tactic 2018 Challenge


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We finally have our community tactic after a couple of weeks of discussion and voting so its time to reveal the one season challenge to use it with. I wanted to create something that I felt reflected Vibe and hopefully I have done that with some help from @Ashez and @PriZe on some of the finer details.

So to try and reflect Vibe I came up with some keywords that I associate with Vibe and that I could use to base the challenge on. This is what I came up with.

·       Community: We are a community here and I think you can see that with how well you have all backed this idea of a community created tactic.

·       Worldwide: We have members across the world on nearly every continent despite the fact we are an English language only site.

·       Vibe: It’s the name of the site so kinda obvious keyword this one.

·       Tactic: We have gone to the effort of creating the tactic so lets use it.

So how does this all fit together as a challenge?


I wanted a club with a large following to reflect the community aspect of the challenge, and also a team we don’t see many saves with. In the end I decided the team with the highest average attendance’s in the world would be the perfect choice as they are also a club that have fallen of the FM Rader in the last couple of seasons.


That club is of course Borussia Dortmund a club that averages just under 80,000 fans to every home game at the Westfalenstadion. This will be the club that you will take on the challenge with.


To reflect the worldwide nature of Vibe I have imposed some squad rules on you. You may keep any player you wish from the current squad but you may only have a squad of 26 players and they must all have different nationalities. To ensure a worldwide spread of nations as well you must have exactly this many players from each continent. I am basing this on football federations so for example Israel would be counted as Europe. If in doubt then just check with me or look at what World Cup qualifying the players home nation play in. 

·       Europe: 5 players (no players in this 5 may be Danish)

·       South America: 5 players

·       North/Central America and Caribbean: 5 players

·       Africa: 5 Players

·       Asia/Oceania: 5 players (one of these must be an Australian or a New Zealander)

This must be the players first nation shown on the profile screen, so no second nationalities.


You may have noticed that you so far have a squad of 25 players. The 26th player will be an old friend of ours who actually had his own challenge last year on Vibe. That’s right Lasse Vibe is back!


You must sign Lasse for Dortmund to become your 26th player in the squad and you are probably going to want to play him a lot because you will get 1 point for every goal he scores and 1 point for every assist he makes as well.

If you are using the original database Lasse will still be at Brentford but if you start with the winter update you will find he has been signed by Chinese club Changchun Yatai. I have been assured by @PriZe that he is in the winter update database and if you load Australia, Spain, England you will find him but if in doubt just use the original database.


You must use the Vibe Community Tactic for every minute of every game you play as this challenge will be a test of your squad building abilities more than your tactical nous.. The only exception is if you have a sending off. Here is the tactic or you can download it here.







League points and +/- Goal difference.

2 points for every round of the cups you get through. E.G the Champions League has 5 rounds including the group stage so if you get to the final you would score 10 points.

10 additional points if you win Champions League.

5 additional points if you win German cup.

1 point for every goal or assist Lasse Vibe gets in all competitions.

-25 points and challenge over if you are sacked during the season.



·       Take over as Dortmund.

·       You must have a first team squad of exactly 26 players.

·       You may keep any Dortmund players you wish but no duplicate nationalities are allowed in the squad.

·       You must stick to the above rules of how many nations from each continent.

·       You must sign Lasse Vibe.

·       No unlockables

·       No cheating in any way including reloading or editors

·       Post a career with screenshots as proof to be eligible for the leaderboard.

·       OME or EME.

·       Have fun.

EME Leaderboard

@Acidsparxx: 143 points

OME Leaderboard


Thank you for reading and good luck.

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10 hours ago, Ashez said:

Looking forward to watching this unfold!

Its abit tough finding players eligable....i have bought in 2 freebies just cus it fills my quota and i didnt have enough funds to get anyone else.

Its steady so far after 10 games.....i say steady losely!

Edited by Acidsparxx
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Absolutely appalling on the OME, without doubt the worse tactic I have ever used...ever! :laugh:



Took me longer to pick my squad than actual time in charge! (n)

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