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Career PriZe goes 80's Milan Challenge


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PriZe goes 80’s Milan Challenge


Hi all and welcome to my 80’s Milan go Dutch Challenge attempt. For those who don’t know this challenge take a look.


The goal is to achieve the amazing results by the dutch trio Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard during their spell at Milan. And as a Dutchmen myself I couldn’t resist to give this challenge a try!

The goals:

  • 3 serie A titles
  • 3 Supercoppa’s
  • 2 Champion league cups
  • 2 European super cup cupsand
  • score 90 league goals with my Van Basten.

And this all needs to be achieved within 6 seasons.

The Dutch trio

So let’s take a closer look at my Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard.

Van Basten


Vincent Jansen potential I one of the biggest one season wonders in Dutch football history but for this challenge he is well suited. Can score with his left and right foot, relatively ok aerial stats, so those 90 league goals shouldn’t be an issue!



I had a hard time finding a Gullit type dutch player. He was all over the pitch as a striker but also as a midfielder. I think in modern football Savic from Lazio comes pretty close. But in this case we ended up to pick a legend his son Kluivert!



There can really be only one player you can pick for this role and that is Fosu-Mensah, what an absolute sexy beast!

The tactic

To make it a bit more interesting and challenging I will attempt to match the trio’s results by using a tactic like that of the legendary coach of Arrigo Sacchi.  For those who don’t know what he and his team where capable of have a look at this great match against Real Madrid.

The formation


This how the team lined up under the very successful Sacchi period.

The forwards

Van Basten was the main attacker supported by the Jack of all traits Gullit.  As you can see, the 442 transforms in to a 4411 with Gullit playing slightly behind Van Basten. Dropping deep to pick up balls at the midfield.

The Midfield

The midfield is an interesting situation. Donandoni depicted here on the left spent most of his time on the right side of the pitch. Playing as complete winger he cut in when needed or went for the cross. 

Colombo however played more as a wide midfielder and moved inside to create a tree men midfield. The midfield was lead by Ancelotti who typically played like a regista but in FMM terms the DLP comes closer. And finally the workhorse Rijkaard finish’s off the midfield as a true BBM helping all over the pitch.


Defense is nothing special and is your typical standard back 4


Sacchi is famous for his high pressing style of play where the whole team put pressure on the opponent to win back the ball quickly as possible and start attacking. In build up the team in general was very disciplined but in the final third players like Gullit, Donadoni and Van Basten were free to unleash there magic on the pitch.

So how does this replicate to FMM?

To be honest it was more difficult than I thought. Starting out with a standard 442 didn’t work as it proofed to be prone to counter attacks. In the end we ended up with this formation and player roles which comes the closest to how Milan played and gives results on FMM.

Line up and player roles






Nothing really special, it’s all about that high pressure and magic the team needs to supply. Off course if needed in game i will change some settings but this is the starting tactic and instructions.


Well that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the read and that you will stick around for the updates! For now I want to thank @FuddledFox and @Ashez for helping out with discussion around the tactic.

Cheers PriZe

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Nice choices there, there is a distinct lack of dutch strikers of any real quality.

I noticed this when I took over the dutch job in one career.

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6 hours ago, Acidsparxx said:

Good luck dude...will be following this it looks awesome.

Thanks mate!


6 hours ago, NucleusNT said:

All the best on this one @PriZe I had a lot of fun completing it :D

Thanks mate! You did really well on the challenge, hope i can come near :) 


5 hours ago, Titjes said:

Good luck with the challenge mate ;) Nice write-up as always ;) 

Well thank you titties ;) 


5 hours ago, Ashez said:

Good luck mate, I could feel your excitement when we discussed this concept so I hope it lives up to the hype!

Me as well?


4 hours ago, danovic78 said:

Nice choices there, there is a distinct lack of dutch strikers of any real quality.

I noticed this when I took over the dutch job in one career.

It's horrible and nothing really tipt as the next big thing as well :S 

added 0 minutes later
3 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

I love the mix of football history and FMM in this challenge and I'm looking forward to following this. Love the look of the tactic btw

Thanks! Took me a while to get it working but is decent so far! :) 

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PriZe’s goes 80’s Milan Challenge

Hi all and welcome season 1 update of PriZe goes 80’s Milan! In the opening post i’ve already told you who would be the dutch trio and showed you the tactic i am using so let’s dive in to the nitty gritty straight away!






Besides the 3 stars of the team if was worried about the wing capabilities which where relatively limited. So i brought in Chiesa who was an absolute steal to play on the righthand side of the pitch and in january Sabitzer joined from RBL to support the lefthand side.

The season overview:

InfoGrx PrZ S1.png

Can’t complain for a first season. We won what we could have won so that’s good and already striking off some targets of our list :D. And just look at the performance of the lads :) those 22 yellow cards though?? just like a young puppy

Season deepdive:

The league:



Too many draws for my liking. Issue with the tactic is that we can dominate games but just fail to score. It also might have to do with Kluivert who is still young but is in a key position. His subs made more impact on the games we were looking to draw but could turn. 


All in all both players in the top 5 of the goal department isn't that bad :)

ltalian Cup:



So here is PriZe complaining about the impact of Kluivert... We needed extra time and pens but what an impact he made with that hattrick.

Europa league:



First season and a win in the baby league of Europe. Although PSG versus Milan could go for a CL Final! Janssen needed a penalty to get on the scoreboard but overall easy final!


The Dutch trio:

Van Basten:




good but not special






Almost a goal or assist per game. Not bad kiddo!





those stats<3

Manager and awards:








The challenge progress:

  • 3 serie A titles. - 1 down 2 to go!
  • 3 Supercoppa’s
  • 2 Champion league cups
  • 2 Europeaan super cup cups
  • 90 league goals Janssen - 28 goals and counting.


Happy with how the first season went! Got our first league title and qualified for the silverware that really matters! I want to thank @FuddledFox for the graphic and you for reading. Don't forget to leave a like & comment :)

Cheers PriZe

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Great season. Love TFM - what a player! He always becomes a disruptive twat in my games though, so watch out.

p.s. Loving the 80s arcade style graphic.

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Janssen was surprisingly good. TFM is a beast but I never quite found his best position to become world class 

The 80's graphic is quality.

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PriZe goes 80's Milan challenge season 2

Hi all and welcome back for this long overdue season 2 update. We started of with some great performances by the Trio so season two can only be better right?

Season 2 overview






So one of the weaker parts of the squad where the wingbacks. They left my vulnerable several times in the first season, so i went to the bundesliga and got me some good wingbacks. The steal of the season where Goretzka and Kondigbia for free :D. And if you are looking for a versatile winger, then have a look Lo Faso! Great youngster!

Season 2 results

InfoGrx PrZ S2.png

Great performance by the three lads and securing the silverware we needed! But bloody hell Fosu thats 40 yellow cards in two seasons :D 

Season 2 deepdive

The league



Almost identical too last year with Juve coming in second again. Tight league for sure!


Both Justin and Jansen in the top 10 :) Great performance by Janssen with his 39 league goals! Van Basten record here we come!!

Italian Super cup



What a start of the season! Janssen netting a brace and new kid on the block Goretzka on the board as well.

European Super cup



Very tight game where we where lucky with Kluivert scoring that important goal!

Italian cup



Great final! A Milan Derby which saw us beat Inter in an easier match then that stats are showing.

Champions league



What a game! It took Milan a while but we claimed the CL cup again :) A brilliant second half performance from Janssen gave us the win which could have gone either way :O

The Dutch Trio

Van Basten




Janssen looks good but he's not amazing. And tbh with some greens in the right spot and being two footed i expected more from him





Baby Gullit is turning in to a monster of a player! Great improvement statwise :)






Manager and Awards








Challenge progress

  • 3 serie A titles. - 2 down 1 to go
  • 3 Supercoppa’s - 1 down 2 to go
  • 2 Champion league cups - 1 down 1 to go
  • 2 European super cup cups - 1 down 1 to go
  • 90 league goals Janssen - 67 goals and counting


What a weird season! We won everything we could, although some wins where more lucky then others. The lads in overall performance went down but at the end of the season we are on track to have this finished in 1 season and a second season opening :) Short and sweet. For now i want to thank @Foxy for the amazing 80's graphic and you for reading! Don't forget to leave a comment and a like :)

Cheers PriZe

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Couldn't really ask for much more really!

Goretzka and Kondigbia are really solid free signings, can play in all midfield positions.

Fosu-Mensah does love a tackle :laugh:

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Great season mate! How the hell do you get so many game out of Kliuvert?! :O he was always fatigued in the first couple seasons in my 1k save

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11 hours ago, danovic78 said:

Couldn't really ask for much more really!

Goretzka and Kondigbia are really solid free signings, can play in all midfield positions.

Fosu-Mensah does love a tackle :laugh:

Agree! And yeah they both were amazing! kondigbia did really well as stand in for Fosu. 

I signed fosu in a other save and he likes to break legs there as well :O 

9 hours ago, NucleusNT said:

Great season mate! How the hell do you get so many game out of Kliuvert?! :O he was always fatigued in the first couple seasons in my 1k save

I sub him off when he has a decent performance or goes below 80%. Also his stamina is way better this season and team around him as well. I tend to notice the have to work "less hard" if you know what i mean. But second part of season is a challenge fitness wise

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