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Chat The Basque Issue


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I play a lot in Spain, especially for Athletic Bilbao. You might know about their only basque players rule. I've decided to see what's gonna happen in 15 years. At the very beginning there are around 480 basque players, nearly everyone is spanish, 5 french and 1 african player. So, what has happened by 2032? First of all there are only 300 basque players remained. But that's okay. What matters is citizenship. Only 50 players out of 300 are spanish (all of them are a product of athletic academy). All others 'basques" are from Germany, Belgium, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and so on. I could have understood if they were at least French, cause basques are both spanish and french, but no, 50 spanish, 3 french, all others are from another parts of the world. I know there are several exceptions irl like Higuain, Williams, but there are just a few of them. That nearly kills the concept of playing for Athletic. Why no basque regens from Real Sociedad, Eibar, Alaves, Osasuna? I find it quite ridiculuos that 5/6 of basques in game are not spanish/french. 

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It's a very special case - and I'm grateful that the developers actually coded it in :)

But hey, with all these original basque players moving around to play in Brazil, Turkey and Russia, maybe they found love and had children in these countries :P

But I agree, I am not against a few players from random places also being Basque, but there should be a bigger number within Spain and France.

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