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Challenges The Le Trio Magique Marseille Challenge


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The Le Trio Magique Marseille Challenge


Droit au but – straight to the goal. Or something like that. These are the three simple French words emblazoned upon the chest of everyone that steps out in the colours of Olympique de Marseille. And in the late 80s and early 90s, that motto took on extra significance as anyone familiar with the story of Bernard Tapie would know.

Monsieur Tapie was an entrepreneur and a showman; famed for buying up struggling businesses and turning them around. He dabbled in politics and ran his own successful Tour de France cycling team. Owning a football club was the icing on the cake; especially one with such a large and passionate following as Marseille. It was – for a while at least – a match made in heaven.

Millions of Tapie’s francs were poured into the playing staff at the Stade Vélodrome to enable them to not only ascend to the top of French football, but to challenge AC Milan, Barcelona and the rest at the pinnacle of the European game.

The first part of that remit was completed in style, winning four consecutive French titles between 1989 and 1992. When you consider the players who represented OM during that time, it’s easy to see how; Eric Cantona, Didier Deschamps, Manuel Amoros, Fabien Barthez, Marcel Desailly, Basile Boli, Jean Tigana, Enzo Francescoli, Rudi Voller, Dragan Stojkovic – the list is like a compendium of the game’s leading lights all crammed into a small window in time.

A special place is reserved in Marseille’s history for their attacking triumvirate – Abedi Pele, Jean-Pierre Papin and former sausage stuffer, Chris Waddle. They were given the rather unimaginative collective nickname ‘the Magical Trio’. While plenty of the stellar supporting cast came and went in double quick time, those three remained the constant headline grabbers, bewitching defences across the continent.


Can you replicate the Le Trio Magique?


  • Load up France plus any other countries and take control of Marseille.

  • You must buy/use Two Attacking Midfielders (One English and One African) Plus a French Striker.

  • Other transfers are allowed.

  • Your yearly points are made up of the all three players assists and goals plus league points.

  • BONUS 50 points for winning the Champions League.

  • The challenge will last for three seasons, just like the Le Trio Magique.

  • All other usual rules.


@Cockers2505 - 737 Points - Sessegnon/Germain/Sarr - Career Link


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