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Career Creed attempts a challenge... The Welsh League Challenge

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Now I remember back 2 weeks before fmm came out last year. I was only new to the site and I didn't even have an account. I remember reading a challenge about trying to get the Welsh league as far up European wise as possible and after my long unintended break from actually doing a career on this site. I finally decided to give it a go.

The team I'm going to be using?

Arguably the best Welsh team in the league atm, TNS. I choose these as they have the best side in the league and that means improving them should hopefully not be as difficult as well as qualifying for European competition every year. Of course as this career goes on I will move onto other clubs to try and make multiple clubs European fitted. I will post more on this topic shortly as I play more of it. I hope you'll all enjoy.

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35 minutes ago, Cockers2505 said:

Hi @Creed-Darkness good to see you attempt a Challenge, and we will all look forward to your adventures, first thing first, change your title to a CAREER and not a Challenge, and then good luck

I've changed it to career and thanks

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Welcome all to my first season in a challenge on this site.

Season 1

My first season in the Welsh league went astoundingly well, both in European matches and Welsh matches.


To start off this challenge I will show my transfers, and after looking at the team there wasn't too much to be done, However there were still a few signing being brought into the club and also some lower quality players that were in the sqaud left to raise funds for the wage budget.



Champions League Qualifiers

A massive boost to me as I looked at the fixture list was the fact we already won the home leg 3-1 for the first qualifying round this year and as I had no new players in to boost the squad at least we went into the away leg 2 goals up! 



Going onto the next leg I felt confident that we could keep our lead and with a couple new players added in that also helped out. The score? We didn't exactly dominate but after countering their attacking tactics we managed to hold our own against the favourites of the match.5ab6a4cbf1b70_champleague1stquali2ndleg.thumb.png.734882c1cd5574c966278171b1090beb.png

Debutant Owain Jones picked himself up a hatrick on debut but unfortunatly got injured for 2 weeks in training only a few days after the match.

Onto the second round of qualifying and possibly one of the toughest opponents we could have had in FC Kobenhavn, a new pattern was born in the fact that we were pretty much going to be underdogs for every champions league or europa league game we played this season, however that did not put us off as we managed a 1-1 draw at home against a side well expected to beat us. Going into the second leg is was more than sure we were going to get beaten away if I played the wrong tactic but upon my opposition playing overall attackive I thought to play a similar way to the second leg last qualifying round and it worked again! Another win this time 2-1 even if it did go to extra time after a 97th minute equaliser, which is a lot of injury time added on! However all together pleased with how my team is getting on after beating a team we would have lost to on paper.



The 3rd qualifying round was next meaning only one thing. Progression through this round gives us europa league football in the group stage and upon realisation of this I was very excited to take on my next opponents/victims... Hapoel? When I saw the draw I thought, that must be a bad team, however they were not indeed. Having the 1st leg away from home for the first time this year didn't exactly go to plan with a 3-1 defeat but that didn't put us out. Now our ground might be small and only having just under 1k attendance every match but for a big match like this the whole ground was packed! What did that bring? A stunning game after Haoel goes ultra-defensive on the start of the game and we bombard them with 5! Yes 5 goals to win the tie, didn't see that one coming did you? To be honest neither did I but the team stuck together after a bad defeat and showed Europe we are a force to be reakoned with.



Now we were onto the playoffs, wictory in this would put us into the champions league group stage or defeat, which would see us in europa league football. Now seeming as I wasn't expecting to reach europa league group stages till season 5 tells us a lot about the team i've put together and hoping they could see off Olympiacos would be a bit optimistic but we beat 3 other teams better than us right? The team put in a massive shift and pulled off a 2-1 victory at home! Surely one goal in the second leg and if we keep out the opposition we're through! Wrong... after winning the game 1-0 for most of the game and them pulling off 2 goals in the last 10 minutes with another last minute goal that forced it's way past us to take the game to extra time didn't help out, and eventually we lost the games on penalties after nerves got the better of our players and we fluffed most of our penalties. What a way to be denied champions league group stage football!



Europa League Group Stages

Now the group stages didn't exactly go to plan but I couldn't ask for much more as I didn't expect to see us here till at least season 5 so for us to be here in my first season is a real accomplishment! The group itself was tough with Bilbao rightly expected to win the group and all I really wanted was to earn at least 1 point.


The matches itself were tough along with the club having a bit of a league struggle as I adjusted to Welsh football which meant some players were either left out or tired as I tried to kickstart the team in the league. The results?



After 5 long matches full of defeats we finally picked up some points in the group! Again Owain Jones leading us to victory! However, the final group table wasn't looking in our favour and we sadly finished bottom.5ab6abffe5b0f_eurogroupfinal.thumb.png.c7a0703850654ff5dda259aee658fb91.png

Domestic Competitions

The League

It took a while for us to really get started in the Welsh League but after the first 5 games the tactics finally set in with the players and we started to look like a much better side. Of course after the fault in our start being dominant in the league for many years TNS AGAIN won the league. This time with a massive goal difference compared to other teams (but only really as we as a team scored lots more goals than all of the other teams) and a point gap of 15 points between me and 2nd place. All in all i'm very happy as I thought it would be a struggle to win the league and their would only be a 1 or 2 point difference but the team dominated most matched played and lost around half the amount of games other teams were losing.5ab6ac9b51c88_LeagueTable.thumb.png.5996df55b7b6ae9d4788337df82eca5a.png

Nathaniel MG Cup

Not too much too say about the cups apart from there was once or twice a very close call in the matches but our dominance in the league showed in this competition as we went on to win the cup against Connah's Quay who weren't exactly high flying in the table but still proved they were a good team leading us into extra time. Where we beat them 2-0 inspired of course by Owain Jones! He seems to pop up in a few of these important games now doesn't he!



JD Welsh Cup

With my perfomance in the league and in the second cup competition fans would be expecting me to perform well in this competition but with the quality of the team I set out along with some poor tactics for that game on my behalf we lost to a team I'm not sure many people would have heard of and we ended up losing in the 4th round of the cup to Penybont in the lower tiers.



Personal Awards

As I'm quite new to the scene here at vibe and most people doing there own challenges I wanted to make my challenges unique. Something I haven't seen is people do awards for people at the club or any game inperticular and I decided I wanted to do that. 

1 of those awards is the Manager's Player of the Year Award this award goes to the player in my team who I think has performed the best that current season. These all pretty much speak for themselves.

For this season my award goes to...

Dean Ebbe



This award goes to him after finishing club top goalscorer and top assister. With a wopping 26 goals and 14 assists, (This is why I wouldn't be good in a 1k challenge!) with also the highest average rating in the club although he doesn't appear in big games as much as Owain does he still manages to have a big effect on the game and scored lots of goals in both the qualifiers and the league!

The second award isn't in perticular a nice one and there won't always be one every season. This is the Flop of the Year Award this goes to a player I brought in to the squad who has either played horrifically in every game, someone who ended up not having enough quality to play the games or someone who played a few matches but ended up getting dropped afterwards.

This award goes to...

Ross Weaver



Ross was bought for only £1.5k but he had potential to grow and was hopefully start on the bench and break into the first team later on in the series. However after 1 league game against Carmarthen it was destined for Ross to sit on my reserves for the rest of the season despite the fact he played alright in that game. It's a shame to see a player win this award and hopefully next year their won't be a winner. However, sadly for Ross it looks like he'll be leaving TNS next season after a dissapointing first year after being tipped for quite big things.

The last award for now is the Manager's Club Game of the Year which again speaks for itself I will pick a game that I think stands out from most of the other games played.

And the game that wins this award is?

Pontardawe 2-3 TNS - JD Welsh Cup Third Round



Despite going out the round after this game again I played a bad side after players needed resting from the league. Again my tactics were partly to blame but this time I managed to turn a 2-0 round to 3-2 after bringing on some of my best player whom I kept onto the bench. Again Owain Jones was one of those on the bench and he helped to secure a victory with an 89th minute winner after scoring the 1st goal as well. What a comeback!

The Coefficients

Now this is really the most important part of this challenge as the goal is to increase Wales' ranking as far up as possible. Starting at 50 this season and knowing that many Welsh team's struggle to qualify past the 2nd round of both competititons every year we were sure to go higher with TNS going into the group stages of the europa league, and by sure we did! From 50 all the way down to 39! That's 11 countries we beat to 39th place that were higher than us at the start of the season!


As shown above those are the 11 countries that we lowered in the rankings from our performance this season. Hoping for all the best next season and thank you for reading the first season! Please feel free to leave and suggestions of how I should set out each challenge as this is only my first challenge i've ever posted. I will post the second season hopefully in the next few days.

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Some screenshots were missing (Mistake on my behalf)
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Not a bad start @Creed-Darkness. So close to the CL group stages but still good to qualify for a group stage of some description in the first season as there's sometimes some extremely difficult qualifiers. Liked the presentation too, good stuff! Actually one of my favourite challenges I've never got round to doing so looking forward to seeing how you get on especially after @Mr.Manager's brilliant save last year.

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19 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Not a bad start @Creed-Darkness. So close to the CL group stages but still good to qualify for a group stage of some description in the first season as there's sometimes some extremely difficult qualifiers. Liked the presentation too, good stuff! Actually one of my favourite challenges I've never got round to doing so looking forward to seeing how you get on especially after @Mr.Manager's brilliant save last year.

Thanks. It's quite enjoyable to do but it's even better to know I'm actually creating something people would enjoy!

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Season 2


This year there wasn't much happening with transfers only a few in and a few out, sadly we couldn't bring in many players as noone wanted to drop down to the Welsh leagues and also the fact that our highest possible wage was only £1.4k we struggled to manage to pay salaries of any players interested that were good. Many of the players leaving were players not good enough to play for us leaving at the end of their contracts. However Quante Bailey looked like a decent potential midfielder as was straight away loaned out to gain more experience.



European Competition

After the success of getting to the europa league group stages in my first season I felt like there was a small bit of expectation for me to manage the team back their. Sadly we said goodbye to the champions league hope losing against FH from Iceland to drop into the europa league qualifiers, After beating FH 4-3 at home I knew it would be a challenge to keep that lead going into the second leg and that proved, with my top striker Owain injured again after the first game of the season we struggled to find the back of the net away and ended up bowing out 2-0 losing 5-4 on aggregate.



After leaving the champions league behind us the team needed to bounce back against Havnar Boltfelag and we did wonderfully with a 4-1 win away from home, surely we should coast home. Wrong, we lost 3-0 at home with some bad tactics and bad performances from my midfielders that almost cost us the european dream! Another suprise as we went into both of these games as favourites which caught me by suprise.



Onto the next round and not too far away from the group stages now... However, Molde was up next and they proved to be tough opponents, we ended up losing 2-1 at home from some unlucky goals although we had a good go away from home and came out winners after a slight 1-0 win but it wasn't enough to keep our dream alive.



Domestic Competitions

The League

There isn't too much too say about our league performance apart from the fact it was amazing, we won the league on the 8th march only losing 4 games and again having a massive goal difference!



This was the league when we were crowned champions!


8th March 2019...


This is the final table and seeing Airbus UK flying high after only getting promoted last season!

Nathaniel MG Cup

This year as holders we wanted to keep our cup and defend for it, and of course... we did. With a 3-1 win again after extra-time with Owain getting the winner!5ab8bc90dde5f_NathanielMGCupfinal.thumb.png.50a8ab64ab3615271041ba94f538c241.png

JD Welsh Cup

Last season we were dissapointed to miss out on the JD Welsh Cup but this year with no europa league matches that meant more key players can play more matches meaning we were playing almost are strongest 11 for these games, and boy did it pay off, another cup win this season winning the treble after a 71st minute strike from previous player of the season wins us the cup.



Again the awards, this time shortened down as no need to explain them

Managers' Player of the Year Award

Chris Dawson



 Coming on a free from Rotherham last season he ended up being our best player this season after playing extremely well in matches, not only that but he helped the team with 12 goals and 12 assists as well!

Flop of the Year Award

Frederic Gounongbe



When Frederic joined us at the start of the season he was expected to be the best striker for the team along with his experience in the game, however starting 16 league games after our european matches he only scored 3 leaving him dropped out of the team and sat on the contract expired list.. unlucky, maybe the Welsh league wasn't for you.

Game of the Year Award

This season there is no real award as there wasn't a stand out game apart from our first leg demolition of HB in the europa league

Other Teams

A new addition for this season sees us looking at how the other welsh teams got on in european competitions,

Cardiff Met Uni


 A good start from them as they progress to the second europa league qualifier before being knocked out by FC Kobenhaven whom we faced and beat last season!



A team who only qualified for winning the JD Welsh cup and their lack of stars in their second tier squad showed against Trencin


Not too far away from where I live Prestatyn, anyway they as well failed to pass the first qualifiers this time against Zeljeznicar



The last part on this update and that's the coefficients, obviously only getting to the third europa league qualifiers meant we weren't going to move up that rapidly but we moved up from 39 to 38 which is still an improvement and if the team is improved more next year we will hopefully progress further.


Thank you for reading this far and don't forget and advice or critism is welcome as long as it's constructive critism.

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Quality season yet again from my fellow Welshman! Unlucky not to get into the Europa league group stages this round. KIU dude!

Edited by NucleusNT
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2 minutes ago, NucleusNT said:

Quality season yet again from my fellow Welshman! Unlucky not to get into the Europa league group stages this round. KIU dude!

Thanks. It's been really fun to do a challenge and hopefully we'll qualify for the group stages but it'll be a big task!

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1 hour ago, samhardy said:

Another good season. Hopefully when you start progressing further in Europe you'll get more funds to improve the squad.

That's if I can progress in Europe...

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