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Challenges As Três Superestrelas - An International Challenge

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As Três Superstrelas


Brazil are renowned as a force of world football. Endlessly batch producing generation after generation of talented, skilful and eye-catching talent, the National side have only profited from the youth projects around the country with 5 World Cup titles, 8 Copa America triumphs and 4 Comfederation Cup's. The strongest element of their national side is by far their attacking prowess, with global legends such as Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Dida and, of course, Pele. These are the focus of our challenge for today. 


You must take a national team, Brazil if you are feeling like being authentic, and take three players to break the records that these Brazilian players have set. Below are the records:

Ronaldo - 62 International Goals - 2 World Cup Titles

Pele - 77 International Goals - 3 World Cup Titles

Romario - 55 International Goals - 1 World Cup Title

So overall you need to score 154 goals between the three players. However you have to compete the three tasks in order! So you must win 6 World Cup's overall. Fairly easy, right? 

The leaderboard will be based on how many goals you can score with these players, aswell as the National Title triumphs. 


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51 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Did I type it wrong? :laugh:

Yep, you have “estreals” on the title instead of “estrelas” :)

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