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Help Advice for my Fulham save


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Should I just sell Kuki right now for 23.5m as he wants to leave, or just bite the bullet and give in and sign him to 70k a week contract? My coach say's he reached his peak or whatever, but should I just keep hold of him and sell him later? When players age into their 20s do they increase in value typically or not?

IMG_2701.thumb.PNG.fed26a01d00b4f768bb84c6f723ea080.PNG IMG_2703.thumb.PNG.155798a713bb2f174164930f549f8ae2.PNG

I mean I signed this new striker wonderkid who'll grow to an even better player, so should I just let Kuki go and let Santos take the starting spot?


Does anyone know any narrow formations, (ones with no wingers) as I currently have a low amount of wingers at the club but an abundance of attacking midfielders. 


Something like this 4-2-3-1, would be amazing! Please help me find a tactic like this?


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Cut Kuki off and let dos Santos be first choice striker, unhappiness is a pain to deal with. Bonus, he's an awesome Brazilian regen without long-ass names. It's something of a rarity, a luxury.

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Sell, plenty of good forwards get Transfer Listed for less than 20M.

As for tactics, just go with a mix of narrow and wide. Sessegnon is one of the best Wingers on the game, and the game will punish a lack of balance.

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