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Tactics 2018 Christmas tree tactic?


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Has anyone managed to find or make a tactic based on the Christmas tree formation, 4-3-2-1 in FMM18?

The only one I've found is this: 

I can't use this tactic though, frustratingly enough. As it's a necessity for me to have fullbacks and not wingbacks, as my key player Ryan Sessegnon can't play wingback. 

Please help :)

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Have you tried using The Jesus but dropping the two wingbacks back into the DR/DL positions? You could still set them to a wingback role but at least he would be in his favoured position.

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Well some people know about my deformed Christmas Tree formation so I consider myself an expert on the subject :P

Only messing of course. Yeah I'd do what Foxy said and just stick them on the WB role in the fullback slots to give yourself some more protection and incorporate that style of play into your side. 

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Shame Michael Owen isnt still playing...he'd be the perfect for the top of you tree!!

@PriZe tactic is very good....but defo try what Foxy said it could work for you.

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