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Challenges The NBA Experience - One Season Challenge

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The NBA Experience


The NBA is one of the fastest growing sports leagues on the planet, with people tuning in all over the world to watch their favourite Baskteball teams face off against one another. The league, which is home to such legends as LeBron James, James Harden and Kobe Bryant, has a huge viewer base that consists of working class men and women to world renowned celebrities. The popularity of the sport means it's perfect to mould into a challenge for your guys to compete in and, hopefully, enjoy. 

The challenge practically incorporates the rules and regulations of NBA basketball, aswell as a few extra basketball-themed rules to fine tune the challenge. Let's get straight into it! 

The Challenge Concept - Draft

So when you first load your game and at the start of every new season you choose to play in, you'll take part in the draft. The draft is of a similar style to that of the MLS in football manager and real life, however much less complicated. Below is the basic premise you must incorporate into your game. 

  • You can choose 5 players in your current team that will have 'renewed contracts'. These players are allowed to stay in your first team and everybody else must be demoted. 
  • In the draft, each team gets 4 picks. You are allowed to sign any 4 Transfer Listed players on 1-year contracts. 
  • After the usual draft, teams move on to the Free Agent Draft. You can sign as many free agents as you like to fill up the remainder of your team. 

So in the end your team should have 9 decent players that you choose to keep or buy, and the rest should be free agents. 

The Challenge Concept - Season

Once you've got your team set up, it's time to embark upon the season as you look to claim the Championship. You have to pick two of your current players to lead the charge. One has to be your 3 Point Shooter. Your 3 Point Shooter will look to create big chances and score big points (Pick a player to grab as many assists in your team as possible. Each assist = 3 points). The other is your Lay-Up Shooter. He will grab the majority of your points and be your main threat (Pick a player to score as many goals in your team as possible. Each goal = 2 points) 

Once you've picked your two players, you must power through your season in an attempt to get to the playoffs and win the championship. If you finish in the top 4 of your respective league, go back through your fixture list and look for the 6 results against the other top 3. Any wins against the top three will equate to 10 points. A league championship equals 20 points. However, each League loss equals -10 points, so be careful! 

You must look for your two chosen players to become the league's MVP (Player Of The Season) and top the Power Rankings (Top Scorer). Both of these achievements are worth 5 points each. 


- Chose any club in any division to take on the challenge with.

- Abide by the draft rules. 

- No reloading .

- No editing.

- A leaderboard is available for any attempts. It is ranked on points. 

- I suggest posting a career.

- Have fun! 

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