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Challenges The Vibe Community Tactic Challenge 2.0


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I have decided to make a second VCT challenge as although I’m proud of the first one it is a little restrictive in terms of the players you can buy. This second challenge isn’t a complete free for all on transfers but you have a bit more freedom. Another difference is that you can play this challenge for 1,3 or 5 seasons if you wish.

This time you will have a choice of clubs although I have decided to stick to big clubs in their home nation that we don’t see very many saves with at the moment.

The Clubs



1024px-Borussia_Dortmund_logo_svg.thumb.png.670fea0b6c55d505f649c47c88e36308.png Borussia Dortmund

1200px-SS_Lazio_svg.thumb.png.7c6f0c879a115c4cdc94f473162ca97a.png Lazio

600px-Atletico_Madrid_logo_svg.thumb.png.2f256c1acad190337fde358c90eb1e7a.pngAtletico Madrid



Squad and Transfer rules

When you take over at your chosen club you must sell/demote every player in the first team squad and if you plan to do a 3 or 5 year challenge you may never buy these players back. Make sure you get us much money for them as you can as you then use the proceeds to build your new look squad. You must have a minimum squad size of 22 players but there is no limit on maximum size.

If you plan to continue for 3 or 5 seasons you must repeat this process every summer and you may not buy back any player who was in the original squad or you have had before in a previous season.


You must use the VCT tactic at all times unless you have a man sent off. This challenge can be done on either the EME or OME.


League points

+/- goal difference

2 points for every round of a cup competition you get through. That is in Europe or FA cups, so in England, France and Portugal the league cups don’t count.

-25 points if you are sacked.

I will have a leaderboard for 1,3 and 5 seasons and you can have your score on each from one save. After the first season your score continues to build.

So by season 3 your score is season 1 + season 2 + season 3 = total score.


·       Sell or demote all the players in the first team squad at the start of each season.

·       Buy a new squad of at least 22 players

·       Use the VCT at all times unless you have a sending off.

·       EME or OME (if you are brave)

·       No unlockables unless earned in the save.

·       No cheating in any way including reloading or editors.

·       Post a career with screenshots as proof to be eligible for the leaderboard.

·       Have fun.


Season 1:


Season 3:


Season 5:


Thank you for reading

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