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Chat World Cup Content

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Hello all, 

With the World Cup drawing ever close, being just 79 days away at the time of writing, I thought I'd propose the idea to you, the community, of potentially looking at some World Cup content. I feel it's topical and the recent dose of international frendiles has really made me excited for what is to come in Russia. So I was just wondering what kind of things would you guys, the FMM community, like to see that is remotely related to the World Cup? 

Some ideas I've had:

  • Group Reviews - Use FMM to review individual groups and the teams and players in them. 
  • A higher frequency and amount of the 'Nation Watch' series. 
  • Looking at certain players/managers.
  • Experiments revolving around the World Cup. 

Just a few small ideas, what would you guys like to see though? Thanks for taking the time to read. 

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Personally I'd quite like to see more national team based challenges. I've seen a couple but not many and I remember on last year's version one of my favourite careers was a 5x100 goals someone attempted with Nigeria. Would make a nice change and also due to the reduced number of fixtures compared to club management could get through it a lot quicker which some people may enjoy? 

Besides this a look at a couple of the 'hard' groups would be interesting to see and perhaps a couple of squad reviews of potential dark horses for the trophy in Russia?

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