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Chat Big Club Release Clause and Reputation


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Hello.My team Alfreton are currently Top of League 1 After 3 consecutive promotions and Last Season in League 2 I got them to the QF of the Carabao Cup and have won the Checkatrade Trophy and Fa Trophy. And Yet my players are going to bottom of the table League 1 Clubs because of the Big Club Release Clause (as if they are Big Clubs). They also say if i want to buy for example a league 1 player who has a release clause it says i dont have a big enough reputation despite us being top of the league and all our accolades compared to the other teams. Is there a way i can check the reputation of my club and how can i get it up quickly.

For example i Lost Larnell Cole to the Big Club Release Clause but Colchester are bottom of League 1.Screenshot_20180330-191615.thumb.png.b3c44ffd55e9f5f09428d5868c581da3.pngScreenshot_20180330-191418.thumb.png.387978fabdfa4224ce31b94516e50b76.pngScreenshot_20180330-191513.thumb.png.ea4bb18e5a0611d36f79aab16a069a23.pngScreenshot_20180330-191423.thumb.png.0bb0e347464331156f7046d83364e7d8.png

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Sadly the only way in which you could view reputation would be to purchase the in game editor and actually use it to view the reputation of the club! Would be nice if we had the ability to view the reputation of each club and not just the leagues in general.

Also, reputation increases VERY slowly! I experienced that in my FC United save, I actually was losing out on a lot of players to clubs my level because of my rapid promotion. Painful, but I guess I used it to my advantage reinvesting in a couple of cheap but yet players with plenty of potential!

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