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Help No tactics working anymore

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Hey there. You guys probably don't know me as I don't often post here, but I've been following and enjoying other people's experiences of the game from here for some time now. 

I too love playing FMM, but recently I'm starting to lose my interest. And that is because not a single tactic is working anymore. I'm currently in my second season of Premier League with AFC Telford, after finishing close to but just outside a European football spot last season. This season though, despite seriously improving my squad, I can't get any consistency in my results.

I think the root of the problem is the recent update. I've tried half of the tactics on this forum, made dozens of tactics myself and tested anything from all-out attack to parking the bus and anything in between. All without succes. I'm seriously considering deleting the game and playing previous years' version because I'm just not enjoying myself this way. This post is getting way too long, but my question is, does anyone have a tactic that still works after the recent update? 

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I agree it’s a bit more challenging after the update, but it’s not impossible.

I ran one season with Bournemouth, no signings and letting the AI pick the team. Custom tactic, a 5-2-2-1 setup, normally playing counter. Finished second, which is great ? 

Im sure there are plenty of tactics that can help you get where you want, but of course don’t expect to win it all.

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I would say play to the strengths of your team. Not every tactic will fit every team, I realised that playing in my current MLS save, a short passing tactic that has worked well with most teams after the update doesn't work with this team, switched them out to a more direct style and that was all that was needed to get them firing again!

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