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Challenges Completing The Uprising Challenge

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Completing The Uprising


This challenge requires the International Unlockable

The uprising of the Chinese Super League is one that is well documented around the footballing world. Formed just 14 years ago, in 2004, the league replaced the old system, known as the Jia-A League. Suddenly however, the league has sprung into life, with Chinese businessmen seeing the value in snapping up the biggest clubs around the nation and pumping them full of cash to attract the biggest talent from around the globe. Such names as Carrasco, Oscar, Ramires and Hulk have made the switch to China, whilst average players like Graziano Pelle alongside Odion Ighalo being paid unbelievably high wages to boost the name and likeness of the division. Yet despite the brith of a new footballing giant, the national team of the highest populated nation in the world struggles to qualify for the one competition they so desperately crave, the World Cup. The big names in charge of the Chinese Football Association claim that the money will push Chinese players to develop more and that World Cup glory is a possibility, yet a 6-0 defeat to Wales says differently. The National Side is calling out for a hero, one not disillusioned by the promises of big wages and fancy houses. 

Lead China To The Ultimate Glory 

Your Job in this save is to lead China to the most amount of silverware as you can possibly endure. You must build the reputation of the country, nurture a generation of talent and claim the titles of every trophy possible. Can you do it?


World Cup - 50 Points

Asian Cup - 25 Points

Confederations Cup - 10 Points

Chinese Player wins Asian POTY - 15 Points

Chinese Player wins Ballon D'Or - 30 Points

All standard challenge rules apply. Looking forward to seeing some big scores from people and how you make the most of your talent!

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Difficult to do when the International jobs rarely get offered or applications for vacancies don't get accepted.

Love to have a go at this once the bug is fixed.

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