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Help Advanced Playmakers Scoring

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Hi everyone, was just wondering if any of you tactical gurus out there may be able to help me out with regards to advanced playmakers.

I have begun attempting a couple of private striker goalscoring challenges recently (1KC, DT, TT) and in my head it makes sense to use an advanced playmaker or two to create the chances for the strikers to score as many as possible. The problem I'm having is that they just score far too many goals thus taking them away from my strikers and when I look at the stats after matches they take an awful lot of shots, often more than my strikers. I have tried moving them around but this same thing occurs no matter whether I play them in AMC, further back in MC, or on the wings. 

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on certain team instructions or alternative player roles that will give the same creative threat as APs so not diminishing the chances the strikers get, but without taking as many goals?

Thank you in advance for any help/discussion with this ?

PS. EME and with the latest update

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For instructions I’d definitely have “work into box” turned on. That should lower the amount of shots from your midfield players as they try and feed it into your strikers. Who are you using as the APM’s? They should ideally have a high teamwork rating, some players have the “shoots from distance” trait on the posistion page, avoid those players. Other than that I can’t really help mate

You could try turning on “through balls” in attacking instructions. Although I find that with this the team waste possession. Try out a few different approaches and I’m sure you’ll strike gold eventually!

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Thanks for the reply mate and happy easter!


These are the instructions I'm using atm so do have work into box and through balls switched on. Also because I'm trying these with top quality teams I do make sure they have good teamwork attribute, at least 15 but usually 17-19. And I'm pretty sure none have shoots from distance.

Maybe because the players I use here are so world class they have good shooting attributes as well and so are more inclined to shoot. Also maybe I am overthinking all this and just instead need to find a way to change stuff to get my strikers converting more and accept that the APs do score a fair amount. 

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These are my two main APM’s in my current 1k save. I play with three, two on the wings and one through the centre. Are yours scoring more than mine? Or less? Arthur’s scored 11 goals so far this season, but it’s a number I’m happy with as the team is balanced and the striker is scoring goals for fun. Sometimes good is good enough as they say!

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