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Career My Moyola Park Save

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Hey guys i started a Moyola Park save a couple of days ago and didn't expect much but manged to do some decent things in just 3 years.


I started this save like any other trying to get a save that interested me and i came across Moyola Park, a team that had never won the Northern Irish league so i felt like i should at least try and achieve that goal. I couldn't get the Screenshots from the first couple seasons because i didn't think i was going to post this so here are the screen shots of the progress that i can show you.






So as you can see I've done pretty well so far with Moyola Park :) i genuinely didn't expect to do so well in the first 3 seasons with them. 


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So on the season that I am currently on we have done OK but would've expected better if im being honest...



the Europa League matches went well until we came up against kobenhavn who just showed us whos boss... plus we've had a bit of a shaky start to the new season with a win and a loss in the league, but we picked up our first piece of silverware of the season in the process :)

5-1 Vs Cliftonville


What a win!! 

Couldn't believe it when we went 4-0 up and super Mikey Drennan with another 2 goals the man has been magic on this save. Great steal for Free ;)  seemed to score more goals when he had a striking partner ( used to play 442 switched to a 4231 system)


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