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Tactics EME 4231 works on new update!


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Hey folks

Below is my working 4231 EME on the new update. I created the tactic in my second season with Dortmund. In my first season I did win German Division and Champs League using a couple of different tactics but was struggling in some games (won the title on last day of the season). This tactic hasn't been tested yet with other leagues or lower teams so feel free to. 

You will find that that tactic does score lots of goals but you will concede as well.

In my first season, using the money given by the board and by selling players, I bought Goretska, Werner and Arthur (Arthur is a snip at £8 million). Second season, the board were generous and I was able to buy Horn, Tah, Hendrichs and Draxler (another snip after being transfer listed).

I've attached some screen shots with tactics, results and Werner's stats who is a beast. Any tips, changes are most welcome and if anyone tests on lower league or other countries then let me know.













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Hello, thank you for sharing your tactic. 

I will give this a test with my LAFC career and also my Arsenal save. 

Impressive results for you and a nice looking formation. 

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29 minutes ago, shauncfc01 said:

Try switching the wing backs to full backs

I did what you said, but did not work again :(

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23 hours ago, ahmet said:

I did what you said, but did not work again :(

Try Lcm as Ap and Rcm as BBM. I use a similar tactic on my Arsenal save and it works well

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Managed to finish the season with Dortmund as champions and German cup winners. Won the league at a canter. I then accepted the Barca job and using the same tactic I won everything and scored a massive haul of goals - seems to work well in Spain.





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