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Career Nucleus’s Three Kings of Paris - A Triple Threat [COMPLETED]


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Hey guys, so after my successful completion of my third 1k challenge I’ve decided to bring you a brand new challenge attempt. The challenge I’ll be attempting is the very difficult Triple Threat.


So credit to @danovic78 for the challenge itself.

The three players I’ll be attempting this challenge are three players I’m very accustomed to this year on Vibe. Mainly due to the fact that they are individually the players I’ve completed the 1k challenge with. All three have proved to me that they are goalscorers of the highest order and are worthy enough to take on this mammoth task that lays ahead of them.

The Three Kings

First up we have the most famous wonderkid in all of football right know. 


Kylian Mbappé, the second of my successful 1k challenges which was competed side by side to a double trouble attempt.


Secondly we have my most recent 1k destroyer


Justin Kliuvert, a player who exceeded all of my expectations of him and smashed the 1k mark in 11 seasons. A quality player who I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using this year.


And last but not least, the player who I first completed the 1k with. An unorthodox choice I must admit, he has however proved to me he can bang in goals left right and centre. 


Kristoffer Ajer, my 1k cherry popper. As you may have noticed he’s a centre half by trade but I have managed to retrain him to play naturally as a striker, and an attacking midfielder, oh and a central midfielder! Versatile as eggs and a real quality player.


Due to the nature of where Mbappé is at the start of a save I will be attempting this challenge with none other than PSG.


So there we have it, my Three kings faced with the mammoth task of scoring 1,500 goals under my management. 

Thanks for reading, and remember to follow and drop a comment :celebrate:

Credit to @Foxy for the title.

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21 minutes ago, Rob2017 said:

Best of luck. Scoring shedloads of goals with different players is great fun

Thanks mate, I’m yet to create a successful 3 striker tactic so this will be fun!

11 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Good luck. Like the careers name very uncontroversial?

Thanks again mate! 

added 0 minutes later
Just now, Acidsparxx said:

Good luck dude (y)

These graphics of Foxy's pop up everwhere....he's a busy fox.

Thanks mate, not his graphics mate, just the title of the career was a suggestion by him 

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45 minutes ago, NucleusNT said:

Thanks mate, not his graphics mate, just the title of the career was a suggestion by him 

My bad....YOUR graphics are great bud.


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Season 1 






Shifted the players I didn’t need. I settled on a 3-4-3 formation so my fullback were surplus to requirements. 



A total squad reshuffle. Some huge names from this years edition rolling into Paris to join our Three kings on this journey. Most of the players I’ve used before at some point or another. Ones I hadn’t include Wallace and Jonathan Tah, I’ve not used Sessegnon from the off either. I’ve always bought him later on in a career so I’m really excited to see how well he can develop for me. I used him as a wingback in my last 1k career but he’ll be a left winger in this one.




Losing 10-9 on penalties is a bit harsh but we managed to get three goals from our trio in the opening game so that’s a bonus I guess.


We get our revenge in the league cup with Kluivert opening the scoring and Mbappé finishing it.


Lyon were simply better in this tense semi final matchup. My young squad was really starting to fatigue by this point of the season.


A stunning first league title. I’ve played in France many a time this year so I know what works and what doesn’t. Over 120 goals in the first league campaign is something I won’t complain about.


We cap off a stunning season by our young squad with a lovely 2-0 win against City where we were second best in all honesty.


Team Performance of the Year


Has to go to this quarter final second leg of the Champions League. No other winner.


Quality performance.

Player of the Year


So like my previous career, I won’t be choosing any of the main three players as a winner of this award. So the first winner is Adrien Rabiot.


My go to DLP of the side, he looks an absolute beast.


3 goals and 17 assists with only 6 yellow cards in the DLP role is a decent season so well done him.

The Three Kings


Let’s get on with it shall we?


First up we have Kluivert Jr. He’s developed pretty well already and is now a natural striker so he will only get better.


35 goals and 17 assists in his first season. Not too shabby!


Kristoffer Ajer, the target man of the side. He’s yellow in the striker position now so with some luck he could be natural by the end of next season.


35 goals from him too and a decent 21 assists. Great contribution.


The main man. Mbappé looks a tank already at 19 and I know he gets a hell of a lot better.


50 goals! Huge return. He played less due to injury too so a really good contribution from him.

Total goals - 120

Total assists - 48

A decent first season. It’s a very young squad with Verratti I think being the oldest in the first XI lol. So they can only get better with age.

Thanks for reading


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Season 2 update tomorrow lads 😃

added 0 minutes later
4 minutes ago, PriZe said:

Gonna be walk in the park for you mate! Good luck :) 

Thanks mate 😎

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Season 2







Chelsea came in for Guedes with a £129 million and he hadn’t even kicked a ball for us so i couldn’t turn that offer down. The rest were just deadwood either rotting in the reserves or out of contract.



5 key signings this season. All French players too, Laporte and Martial commanding the biggest fees. Coman would immediately make the right wing his own. Lloris came in January as an experienced head at the back and instantly becomes our new number 1. Lafont I sign in most careers as he does develop into a really good GK.




Another penalty shootout in the curtain raiser, this time however we end up on the winning side after a thrilling match.


Kristoffer Ajer steals the headlines with a hatrick in the European Super Cup.


And does so again in the Club World Cup. The boys absolutely ruthless!


This game I have no words for. Without doubt the most mental game I’ve had in this years edition and I don’t think I’ll top it. Shame we were on the losing side but what a match.


We gather the French Cup, easily dispatching of RC Lens in the final.


An unbeaten league campaign with only 4 points dropped all season scoring exactly the same amount of goals as last season in the process.


Another European crown, another Kristoffer Ajer hatrick. He saved our skins in this match with a 90th minute equaliser to send the tie into extra time and completed his hatrick in the final minute after Neymar had put us ahead for the first time on the night.

So there we have it, a really good season trophy wise, shame about the league cup but there’s always next year.


Team Performance of the year



Has to go to this match. Yes it was against a lower league side but it’s performances like this, in these sort of matches, that win you goal scoring challenges. 7 goals out of 12 for my Three kings. Mbappé sat this one out too so it could have been him with a hatrick and not Martial.

Player of the Year



Has to go to this young man. Solid as a rock in the three man back line and is nearing on an average rating of 8 for the season.

The Three Kings


Let’s kick things off with Mbappé


He’s developed into a right beast, and still, he’s only 20!



50 for the campaign again. He played a lot more this season too so I was hoping for better. It will come.

Next up we have Kluivert Jr.


Developing very nicely indeed, he doesn’t get much better attribute wise than this if I remember correctly.



He hits 41 for the season so it’s a decent improvement.

And finally we have the big man up top, Kristoffer Ajer


What an all-round tank!



He ends up the season as our top scorer with 51 goals. One more than Mbappé. It’s a really good return from the target man at this stage.


Goals Scored this Season - 142

Assists this Season - 62

Total Goals Scored - 262

Total Assists - 110

Its been an encouraging start. I’ve never used three up top before so it’s diving into unknown territory for me, but I’m happy with the results so far and I’m hoping they get better as the challenge progresses.


Thanks For Reading

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19 hours ago, Titjes said:

Fantastic season mate, keep up the good work ;)

Thanks mate, will do.

18 hours ago, Seth Anacondas said:

That League Cup match! Pato to Lyon!😂

I know, Carassco to Lyon too!

15 hours ago, Rob2017 said:

Well done mate. That cup game was immense.

Thanks buddy. Wasn’t it just!

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Season 3





Chelsea came in with £83milliom for Tah and I couldn’t refuse that much, I was pretty well covered at the back with Kehrer and Wallace needing game time. That’s how I could afford to let an unhappy Kimpembe leave for Lyon



Kimmich I had to try for myself after @samhardy praised him in his TT career, and Milinkovic-Savic is another player I’ve not used this year (These two both came in January) I bought Siebatcheu as a replacement target man for Edinson Cavani but immediately flogged him on loan when I saw that Mitrovic was available and looked an absolute tank.





Comfortbale this time around against Monaco. Ajer with a brace after Mbappé opened the scoring


Hatrick for Ajer in the European Super Cup, what a performance against Barcelona.


Goal apiece from the kings in the Club World Cup final in a 3-1 victory.


Another league cup win. Dominant this season.


Another mental match to add to the list already on this career. 4-4 after extra time with Mitrovic saving our skins in the 120th minute before we go on to win on penalties.


One bastard draw! Always the same! Still, I can’t complain much. It’s nearly a flawless campaign


And that’s the clean sweep. Ajer scores a brace against City. Continuing his streak of scoring in finals this season. Well deserved victory.

Here’s our trophy cabinet so far so we can all keep track.


Solid three seasons at the helm.

Match of the Year


This seasons winner is a match that took place in the Club World Cup semi finals. It’s a performance that’s put me in the book of records for the biggest CWC victory so I was very happy with that. 


11-0 smashing of Tampon FC whoever they are! Awesome result. Funnily enough I also got the record for fastest goal scored at 14 seconds this season too.


Kristoffer Ajer putting me in the book again.

Player of the Year



My captain. An absolute gem of a player. Solid all season, part of a league campaign that conceded just 19 goals. Worthy winner

The Three Kings


Enough chit-chat, let’s see how the three lads got on.


First up Mbappé who again, looks good.



57 for the season. Decent improvement, but look at his assists though! Involved in 95 goals. Beast


Next up, Kluivert Jr.



Oh god. Just 28 goals this season. No idea what happened if I’m honest. Move along


Finally, the big man up top. As you can see, he’s now natural in every position down the spine of the team. Apart from sweeper and GK obviously.



Wow! Did not expect that. 70 goals for the season. He ends up as our top scorer for a second time running. What a beast!


Goals this season - 155

Assists this season - 85

Total Goals Scored - 417

Total Assists - 193

Quality season, if Kluivert could hit the sort of numbers as the other two we’d be laughing! Plenty of time, they’ve still not hit their prime yet either.


Thanks for Reading 

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On 22/04/2018 at 08:27, Titjes said:

Great season mate, would have been fantastic if Kluivert could keep up hist numbers ;) 


Thanks mate! Let’s hope he picks his socks up eh?!

On 22/04/2018 at 10:15, Seth Anacondas said:

I presume Mitrovic has spent the past two years on loan at Fulham.🤔

Not sure. He’s a beast though!

On 22/04/2018 at 10:21, Foxy said:

Another great season. Must be something about having a baby in the house that brings out the best in a TT with the job you are doing here and also @Rob2017 as well.

Thank you mate, screaming the house down must be a lucky charm! 😂

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Season 4





Draxler wanted more football and he just didn’t fit into my plans. Unfortunate, as he’s a player I’m very fond of this year.



Hopefully the final piece of the jig-saw. He arrived in January. I’ve not used him this year so it’s nice to be using him. Will be Lloris’s long term replacement.




Another thrilling match, this save has had some mental matches. Thankfully we were on the winning side.


Porto were just no match against our vastly superior squad.


Comfortbale 6-1 victory in the CWC. It’s always around the fourth season where everything starts to seem a little easy. 


Our second 5-3 of the season. Again, thankful to be on the winning side. We did well in this match after being 2-0 down. The lads showed some great character to nick the result we needed.


And that’s the clean sweep of domestic Cups. The score line flattered them to be fair!


Our unbeaten league run is ended unfortunately. St.Etienne were the ones who did it in a scrappy 1-0 win. Still smashing in goals so I’m not too bothered.


And that’s the clean sweep once again. Too strong for spurs in the end as Harry Kane grabs all 6 goals 😂


Match of the Year


This years winner was the final league game of the season at Monaco.


Clinical even with the league all wrapped up.

Player of the Year


That @samhardy knows his stuff! This years winner has to go to Joshua Kimmich


He put some sensational performances in at the centre of the pitch 


He ends the season with 14 goals and 28 assists. Great stuff considering that my strikers usually steal all the assists!

The Three Kings 


Kristoffer Ajer


Some solid greens on the board now



Drop in goals this season but he still breaks the 50 mark.

Kylian Mbappé 


Nothing to say is there.



A rise in goals. He hits 62 for his best season so far.

Justin Kluivert


Some improvement I believe!



And he sees a rise in his totals too. 32 for the campaign from the young Dutchman.


Goals scored this season - 145

Assists made - 80

Total Goals Scored - 562

Total Assists - 273

Over a third of the way there! Hoping they can push on for some huge totals in the near future.


Thanks for reading

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18 hours ago, Ashez said:

Scoring for fun mate!

Thanks mate, they’re doing really well!

13 hours ago, Cockers2505 said:

That is brilliant numbers @NucleusNT you've got this in the bag already, good luck mate

Thank you! I hope so

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