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Fun/Games Ashez Vs Foxy - Who'll Come Up Trumps?


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Ashez Vs Foxy - Who'll Come Up Trumps?

Ladies and gentlemen please take to your seats as the show is about to begin! You are here today to witness the start of the very first Vibe Trumps tournament where the stats are the aim of the game! 

Before we begin let's cover the rules of this tournament to ensure the audience is on the same page as the competitors! 

Each competitor has a player roster of seven players and each player has five unique stats. During each round two players will face off with one competitor calling a stat, which ever player has the highest stat will win the duel with the loser transferring sides. The competitor who can clear out the opposition's team first will be the victor. Players for each round are drawn at random as each squad and player placement will be a mystery to us until the player is drawn. Please look to the TV screen to see an example of this process. 

Player One goes first drawing Ronaldo, the competitor than calls to use the players pace stat. His opponent will then draw a player from his squad and reveal the players pace stat. If Ronaldo has the higher stat he wins and obtains the card of the opposition, however if the opposition player has a higher pace stat Ronaldo will lose the duel and be transferred to the other team, then these players are returned to the bottom of each squad list. This process continues until one players squad contains no players or the player gives up. 

This is a simple explanation of the process you'll witness in this tournament but we'll be bringing plenty of bells and whistles to the table as we have custom cards! That's right my friends as our stat guys have been hard at work tailor making information for our squads based on information from FMM 2018. While the graphic department (Foxy) have been working night and day to produce cards of the highest quality for this show piece event! 

Due to this being the first time hosting such a event you might see some growing pains as we try and work out the best way to handle this process, however for starters we'll try and post a few rounds a day to keep the excitement flowing! For obvious reasons crowd involvement is needed and encouraged and if this does work out as I hope we could even bring new squads to the table (Vibe members? FMM Legends? The 1KC Club? The squad potentials are endless!)

What squad will be using this time I hear you cry? Well ladies and gentlemen you'll have to wait and see as the player reveals/predictions are half the fun! However I can reveal that everyone of you helped piece together this deck without even realising! 

Although we are in need of your assistance yet again before we even begin! The fourteen card deck has been randomly split into two squads of seven by a certain Vixen. We now need you guys to decide who gets what squad! So make sure you scream as loud as you can in the comments section letting us know who should have which squad! How are you meant to decide? Well Foxy will be drawing one card from each deck right now! Boom!

Squad List One - The First Reveal




The first squad contains Henrichs!


Squad List Two - The First Reveal




The first pull out of the second squad is Celtic's Tierney! 


So the question remains Vibe, who will you give each pack? 

As always thank you for viewing and we hope you're interested in our latest use of FMM to bring you content! Make sure you leave a comment below with any opinions, questions and your squad votes! 

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5 hours ago, Foxy said:

So you want to watch Ashez play with himself!!!:O

5 hours later and I still have no response to this! Haha. 

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Ashez Vs Foxy - Who'll Come Up Trumps?
Round One

Hello and welcome to round one of FMMVibe does Top Trumps! You guys carefully decided which squad we'd be using and it's almost time for myself to pull the first player out of my squad list! Before I do however I want to briefly explain how I'll be handling this process as I want to be transparent and I think Foxy will be doing something similar. 

A short story short I've got the player cards on my tablet and I've also created basic physical cards to make keeping track easier. I've basically just cut up a load of squares of paper and put the player names on them just so I can have a physical deck to pull from :p. Hopefully this method should keep things simple to keep track off as I can easily add or remove cards as needed. Now on with the show!

I've just this second shuffled the deck so it's time to see who I get!! 

Ahhh it's so exciting! 

The player is.......


Arthur is the first player out of my deck!

So what stat do I call? 

Arthur uses Mental at a strength of 63!

Can you beat that Mr Fox? Can you huh? Your bushy tail is mine! 

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Just like @Ashez I have made myself some cards on scraps of paper so that I can keep track of my deck. You guys decided that I should have deck 2 so lets see who my first player is and whether it beats Arthur.

My first card is Nadiem Amiri.

Remember Amiri needs to beat Arthur's score of 63 for mental stats.


So it was close but Amiri wins round one for me by 4 points and I now get to add Arthur to my deck. 

As I won round one I get to pick for round two which I will do tomorrow.

So far my bushy tail is safe and it's advantage me.





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Round Two

Foxy has the faith as he pulls Cristian Pavon but is 84 enough to take my card? Let's pull form the deck and find out! 


Ooooh Mbappe delivers the Kylian blow with a counter strike of 92! Welcome to the team Pavon! 

That's a round a piece in these early stages but as it's still my turn let's crack on with round three!

Round Three

Let's keep on the pressure and hope we pull a top card! My round three pick is.....


Get in! What a clutch pull at this time of the tournament as the German forward Werner enters my hand. 

So many decent stats to pick from but I think we only really have one option! 

Werner destroy this fool with an attack of 84!

Let's see what you've got @Foxy but remember in a shootout the Germans rarely fail! I'm feeling good here lads! 

PS - I'm finding this ridiculously fun :D

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Round Three

It is going to take a good player to beat @Ashez pick of Werner's attacking stat so lets hope I get a good player from my deck and preferably a striker.


Well I did get a striker but he isn't going to trouble Timo with an attacking power of 72 and so it is very much advantage clown boy as we move on to round four.

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