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Career LenTheWelsh’s first ever go at a challenge ...1k it is then

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Trying my first ever challenge and decided to for the 1k challenge. I’ve gone arsenal and like so many others I’ve gone the guy below as he starts so young. First season wasn’t amazing but he’s only 15/16 so taking it easy with him and most appearances were from the bench. I’ll post an update at the end of every season. Planning on smashing through this one as it’s my first attempt and probably going to fail but guess i’ll learn a fair amount just by trying. Spent the last couple of days trying to find good tactics to use but failing badly so just going use tactics linked below as I know I can get 60 goals a season from my lone striker. Please, if anyone’s got some good tactics for this challenge please post or link here :) 

Tactics - 




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1 hour ago, Rob2017 said:

Good luck, and hope his stamina doesn’t come to annoy you too much

I’m already getting annoyed and it’s only 18 months in lol every time he makes progress he gets injured and loses it all. Is he Darren Anderton in disguise? 

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I chose him for a Triple Threat and he drove me bonkers in the end. You couldn’t improve him using specialist training as he just moaned about EVERYTHING. Hopefully you fare better with training him up - I’m rooting for you.

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I’ve given up on this attempt as the guy gets stupid amount of injuries. Had a rubbish 2nd season with him and then the start of the 3rd season, he was starting to develop and look promising, but he got an 8 month injury halfway through the first game of the season. 


Can you delete this this thread please mods?

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12 minutes ago, Rob2017 said:

Have a go with Pellegri. He is far more durable.

I’ve decided to try a few easier challenges before I take on this beast again lol 

going to have a crack at this first 

Then maybe the triple threat challenge 👍

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