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Career Best Season on Football Manager Mobile 18 - Leyton Orient FC


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Good Evening All,

Hope this finds you well!

In recent days, i have had the best season i have had on Football Manager Mobile 2018. I am in a file of managing the challenged club Leyton Orient using my steps to success - 


Leyton Orient is a club close to my heart and in recent times has gone through a massive decline going from League 1 to the National League!

I had managed the O's since the start(2017) and managed to get them to the Premier Division. The difficulty once there is to always improve and stay at the top of the pile. Alex Ferguson really was a genius! I did win the league but had to wait almost 4 years for the same result comming 2nd and 3rd for these years. 

After 3 seasons of winning the league after this, i knew i was building something special and semi finals indicated we were close to greatness.Finally....it happened.

As seen below, Leyton Orient managed the success other teams can only dream off. The Man Utd Treble season was special and the invincibles were a one off but Leyton Orient were now in this list, we had one 5 Cups in one season!

The Community Shield first followed by the momentum of the Carabao cup. Then..after 38 long games and a season of teams improving there teams, injuries, other managers getting used to our system..we were still the champions!! With only one defeat all season( this was on the last game of the season with a second team as the fa cup final and Champions league were approaching).

Our last two cups came around. A hard fought win came at wembley for the FA cup final against london rivals Tottenham, only wining through penalties. Only european domination stood in our way..

The Champions league final was taking place at Wembley against Man Utd vs Leyton Orient. We were actually 2nd best all game but hung on and have incredible character and strength, a real determination! Finally in the 95th minute Ben Mcdonald my best player stook up and scored!! The rest is football history.



In honestly, i really do feel proud of this achievement. I spend around 1hour 30 mins preparing each and every season which can sometimes bring 1 or no trophies. We played over 38 games including cups which all needed to be perfect. The fitness, the players, the 2 legged ties when you go down in the first leg and have to pull it through. In real life, a season like this would be absolutly unbelievable, a one-off, something the Orient fans and neutrals will never see again!

Hope you have enjoyed this!

Screenshot_20180428-183913_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180428-183904_FMM 2018.jpg



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Morning All,

I have completed 30 successful seasons with Leyton Orient. I came to a club who was on its knees with Adequate Training and youth facilities, 9285 Stadium Capacity and sitting in the Vanorama National League. I have retired from Leyton Orient with State of the art Training and top Youth facilities, 100000 Stadium Capacity and champions of the Premier League.

Please see below pictures for a more visible look at my progress.

To end, i have really loved this save with Leyton Orient. It is a team which means a lot to me and felt nice taking them to the top. It is also helps confirm my tactic and process works. 








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