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Help Please help me !


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Hello guys, I just bought FMM 18 few days ago, and i've a big problem...

I saw some screenshots of this new version on appstore with the menu on the left of the screen and some new great visional effects add, but i still have the menu and the messages menu of FMM 17 


why ? 

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Many of the screens on FMM18  look similar to FMM17 and location of the menu depends on the device you are running the game on.

What does the tactics screen look like as that's one of the most different screens in FMM18? 

Might be worth posting some screenshots on here so we can see.

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Looks like FMM18 to me.

Having the menu on the left-hand side of the screen depends on the size of your screen. If you play on a tablet or a larger phone you have the menu on the left like this


If you have a smaller screen you have the menu button at the bottom like you do.


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43 minutes ago, AureSK said:


Si iPhone 7 isn't enough ?

Yeah I’m on an iPhone 8,same size screen as the 7. My screens exactly the same as yours. It’s normal mate

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