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Tactics Amazing "3" Tactic (32212 EME)

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After predicting the departure of Arsene Wenger late last year, i took over Arsenal as Mikel Arteta (my prediction of the next boss) and I developed a tactic to fit Auba, Lacazette & Ozil in the same team without being too narrow. I moved the team wide to the left to accommodate the players, and encouraged narrow creative play.

6 seasons later (2 of which undefeated) , an 80% win rate and many trophies later, i am still using this tactic with great success.

This has only been tested using Arsenal, so whether this can be used for lower league, i am not sure. Although, I rotate youth players into the team for cup games, and it seems to work well, after some minor adjustments;

If struggling for goals, you can change the CDM to play DLP, change the LB to play WB & change the LM to play W.

The CDM can also be brought forward to sit 2 CMs into the middle of the team. I have done this more recently to accommodate Carlos Soler, but which roles work best is a mystery at this time.

Please see my tactic and results below :)



Feel free to use, any feedback is welcomed.


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How is the IF performing for you in that position? I’m seriously put off any tactic with IFs at the moment as I can’t get anything out of them. 


I am however going to test this as a mid table Bundesliga side and will post results. Very intrigued by how different it is. 

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had some great results with this but with DW moved inside to a CM position and the WBs both in the deeper spots. Nice tactic

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This tactic is unreal!


The only changes I did was shifting left DW to Right IF (same as Left IF) and left WB push up. Much stabler and conceding fewer goals.


Only if I'm conceding 2 goals midway through halftime, then I'll switch to original formation to "confuse" the AI.


Great tactic man!

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