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Career Rise of the Black Cats- Sunderland FC - 2017/2018


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Good Evening All,

In real life, Sunderland are now in league 1. They are taking such a fall from grace i decided i wanted to help them like i did for Leyton Orient FC.

I used my Steps for Success...

Along with my Tiki Taka Tactic...

And below shows the results.

Sunderland FC won the Championship and automatic promotion to the Premier League!!

Conclusion & thoughts:

Sunderland FC have an incredible large stadium & Fanbase with 'World Class' Facillities but in real life massively under-achieve.

I got around 20million to start this campaign which is not huge but i always felt enough to get me good enough players to get promoted up - what have they done with this in real life?

I changed my training to be fairly intense as always - have there players not had the desire to get out of their current situation.

The squad when i arrived was huge! With so many players needing to be loaned out and older players just earning the money but not contributing(John Oshea etc) so either got released or sold on. As Sir Alex says, the evidence is on the pitch or the stats on FMM!

Sooo..Why do i think they have not done this in reality?

Poor Management!! The Club is really amazing with some of the most loyal fans anywhere, the Stadium of light is beautiful and large and Facilities for their youth and first team is something many clubs can only dream of.

Away from the external features and into the interior, there are notable failings. These include:

  1. Squad too big creating high wage bill.
  2. Too much loyalty to older players
  3. Poor Signing's and use of parachute payment.
  4. No Clear Philosophy of play
  5. Not enough Determination to get out of their situation- intense training etc

P.S: I have made these points contrasting Sunderland in reality compared to my Season with them on FMM 18.

I do hope they can bounce back as a club and i want to thank anyone who reads or comments on this, let me know your thoughts


Screenshot_20180514-191616_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-191100_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-191332_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-191341_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-191327_FMM 2018.jpg


Screenshot_20180514-191711_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-191721_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-191733_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-191752_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-191915_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-191929_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-191940_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-193335_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-193428_FMM 2018.jpg

Screenshot_20180514-193434_FMM 2018.jpg

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I would find it so difficult to say well done here!

But just to keep it peaceful......well done. 😕

Edited by Woody
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Cheers Woody,

I do love Newcastle too, happy to see your bois staying firmly in the Premier League.

Do feel for Sunderland though, only going by FMM theres been a lot of money spent on wages, transfers & managers which has been wasted.

I hope they learn there lessons for the new season. A club this big should not be in league one.

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