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Career GÖTZE RISING : A Tale Of Redemption


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Helloooo....!! Its Been A LOOOOONGG Time...

First off... I want to sincerely apologize in the wake of my cancelled triple threat career, been planning to say this but just cant find myself the time to do it.. Truth be told i was planning on releasing an update when my phone got a 'bootloop' and i lost all the data that my phone have... It hurts not because i failed myself but i also failed you guys... so i apologize for everything...

But... As the title suggest this is hopefully be some sort of redemption journey for me and SOMEONE whose career have also been full of ups n downs...



Ahh....... The Golden Boy of Dortmund, The ( Should Be ) Poster Boy of Germany's Next Generation of Footballing Superstars... Its hard to imagine what had gone through this past four years but you could feel the frustration in Götze's eyes after it is revealed be that he wont be amongst Joachim Löw's men flying to Russia come june... And its easy to feel for him really...

After all He was the player Germany had counted on...

The Player who stood highest above anyone else to score the goal...

The goal that gave Germany the World Cup...

The goal that knocks-out a Lionel Messi-inspired Argentina in the biggest of stage on the biggest of occasions....

And yet four years on from that memorable night under the lights of the Maracana and Götze finds himself cast aside...

Where has it gone wrong for him...??

Why....?? Why do it has to Götze of all people??

Well if your a certain Joachim Löw, you could hardly be blamed for your decision in doing so...

Considering Die Mannschaft's wealth of talent in nearly all areas of the pitch, he knew he had to make decisions, heartbreaking one indeed...

Besides when there is the likes of Leroy Sáne out there in the form of his life... Would you dare pick him aside to compensate Götze??

So while 2018 might aswell be a year of heartbreak... it could still turn out to be a year where he rises... again... agaisnt all odds...

But that begs the question...


Where. The Answer...??


Thats right... Atlético

So with that said... Lets begin this journey of redemption and please... Enjoyy!! 😊😊😊


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Good luck!

Has he got over that injury he had? I can't remember the details but I remember him being out for ages for one reason or another?

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Partied too hard after the world cup so came back unfit - got injured, recovered sort of, got injured again, earned a reputation for not working hard enough, couldnt get a gig at Bayern, lost confidence - its a vicious circle.

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--- SEASON #1 ---


              After a short delay i've finally completed the 1st season of this journey... and to start it off thank you so much for all the kind words you all gave in response to this career, it meant so much for me because it gave me confidence aswell as motivation to do my best to complete this career i started so thank you all...!!

Now its time to talk serious and lets talk about what gotze has been doing this past season







We were given a HUGEEEE transfer kitty by atleti's board to improve the squad... And BOOYYY did we spend big we did add probably too much in relation to squad depth, but as transfer windows goes.... That is one heck of a spending spree am i right...??



We did won the league but because of my stupidity i forgot to screenshot the results as ( SPOILER ALERT ) season 2 is underway already so yeah... 

On the other hand tho...


We put up a fight to advance through but Reals experience in these type of competitoins ultimately gave them the win


We did however beat them in The Champions League Round of 16 to advance only for PSG to give us a night to forget, if not for that Götze brace... sweet and sad all the same...





Gotze has undoubtedly prove himself to be one of our key players seamlessly slotting and making the no.10 role his own.. But how good has he been throughout the season, well besides that brace against PSG...


Whoaaaa, 28 goals and 33 assists... for a player who doesnt start as a striker in my system.... Yeahhh!!, now we are talking... Gotze hitting peak form once again...





Shoutout to Griezy here who has been superb all season long arguably the joint best player in our squad alongside Gotze...

Meanwhile here are the awards... ( sorry kinda feeling tired out with all the typing lolz... Also notice how None of Gotze or Griezmannn actually manage to win any individual honours







With that it will close up this post update of this career's inaugural season... if you guys have any ideas or feedback to give me food for thought, then please comment down below, without further a due tho before i leave i'll leave you guys an extra bit of photo i've made hope you guys enjoy and i will see you on the next one! BYEEEE...!!


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