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Career The Bad Boys from Brazil Challenge by me

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Hi all. Today I’ll be starting this challenge by @danovic78 -:

Sounds like a fun 2 season challenge that suits the tactics I’m currently using with a little tweak and continues my week off work challenge voyage in an attempt to quickly improve my FMM skills for the Olympics. I’m amazed what a rut I was stuck in with FMM until I started visiting this site. These challenges have totally reinvigorated my love for the game so thanks to everyone who puts so much effort into it this place 😀👍

So I’ll be using the same tactics layout I did for my trinity glove & pepcity challenges but moving my number 10 from behind my lone striker to play alongside him as a Trequartista. I spent a while looking through all the 30+ strikers and I think @Rob2017 picked the best guy out there with Diego Tardelli but I don’t want to copy so the guy I eventually went with is Luis Adriano. I then looked at all the other strikers around and decided to stick Gabriel Jesus. I’ll post a SS of the starting line up I’ll be using barring any injuries and tiredness.

Should have finished first season and posted by tonight so wish me luck 🤪





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Hi @LenTheWelsh just noticed my Challenge isn't one the leaderboard for some reason, i'll ask @danovic78 to add it?


I went with Luiz Adriano and the best thing I got out of him was his endurance, he seems to just be ready for every game

good luck mate

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30 minutes ago, Cockers2505 said:

I went with Luiz Adriano and the best thing I got out of him was his endurance, he seems to just be ready for every game

You are so right! He’s played every minute of every game so far (20 games in) and never once not been 100% for the next match 😀👍

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So I’ve put this one on hold for a few days after the news that I’ve been accused of cheating. I’ll finish it soon but it’s turns out taking someone else’s tactics and changing & evolving it to suit you and taking inspiration from a tactic are 2 different things apparently....... So the next few days I’ll be in testing mode making a new tactic 100% from scratch to appease the moaners 👍

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