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Chat Bargains.. for now?

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Hi, everyone.

I've been playing this game non-stop since its inception in the early primordiums of the PSP. I've played it pretty much every day since. I'd be more than happy to contribute with information about pretty much everything, including saves and analysis as some good people have done here to big success :)

I'd thought, as for now, I'd list bargains (other than the ones mentioned frequently) off the top of my head, as I've played FMM2018 in an absurd quantity compared to other versions I've had.

Goalkeepers: This is the area where I, sadly, lack more knowledge. I am a Rajkovic guy and I frequently find myself choosing him to lead my defence in most saves. Awesome value for your buck. Anton Mitryushkin (Sion) also works for me, but this one is stepping out of the bargain boundaries. Pedro Silva (Sporting) develops like a charm with some game time on a loan or two! Gergely Hutvágner (Sampdoria) featured with success in some of my saves.

Defenders: Ooooooh boy. I'm going on a rant! DIOGO DALOT (PORTO) AND ONLY THEN YOU START MAKING THE REST OF YOUR TEAM. also keep an eye on him on real football! About other right-backs, his counter-part Alex Pinto (Benfica) is also really good for his value, more suited to a more defensive team. Yan Valery (Southampton) shined with a playing-from-the-back formation. Never pass on the chance to sign Mama Baldé (Sporting) for a really reliable back-up, which will give you money. Do you want assists? Crosses? Lorenzo Venuti (Fiorentina) is your guy. 

I'd really like to get into more detail, so I'll leave it as it is and edit it tomorrow with more info.


If anyone of you is doing research on some aspect of the game, pls contact me ASAP and I'll give you my take on it. Cheers!


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I’ve seen this guy slated on the forum but I’ve always found him an amazing keeper to get until you can find\afford a world class keeper. I’ve had much success with him and he’s usually only around 2-3mil from Liverpool.




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