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iScout Adrien Bongiovanni


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Looking for a young AMC with massive potential and huge growth? Then look no further than this man.


Adrien Bongiovanni. Starts off at Monaco on the November database, and with decent attributes in key stats like dribbling, passing, creativity and technique, I was surprised to not see this man pop up on Vibe yet (apologies to anyone if they have mentioned him).

Fast forward three full seasons and this is what he looks like...


Huge growth! 20 in dribbling and decisions, 19 in passing, creativity and movement and 18 in technique makes him a beast AMC. He’s not even been a first team player in the save I’m using him in, just a rotation player. At only 21 years old now there’s still plenty of room for more growth too.

Thanks for reading, do let me know if you have tried him or will be in the future.

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8 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Those 19's and 20's! 😮

Those physicals are such a shame though

It’s his only let down. Maybe as a Trequartista he wouldn’t need to rely on his physicals so much? As all they tend to do is drift about really. I might be completely wrong however 😂

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Maybe but imo the EME is extremely pace based and I like players I can trust to do a job for 90mins, as I always use BBM's my subs can be tied up every match so I need to know I can trust everyone as usually I'll only have one free sub. 

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Excellent find mate!,I myself used him very recently and was quite impressed at the results although as everyone says his physicals are a disappointment,can be a hell of a player in less intensive slower paced tactical systems tho.

Edited by Harish
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