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Chat Inside forwards are overpowered?

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Currently i'm playing two games simultaneously, one as Ajax and one as Levante(taking over around Jan, when they were dead last at 20th). And in both saves my team just plays sooo much better with inside forwards compared with tactics that don't. 

Here are some screenshots:

Ajax FC(2nd season)


My Front 3:





On my first season i had gone unbeaten in the league, had a few defeats in the Champions League but won it.

Levante(1st season, 2nd half):

Before taking over:



After taking over:



Some important wins there, such as away against Barca and Real Madrid while winning at home against Ath Madrid.


Here is the tactic i used:



Note, that for Levante i used an AMC instead of a DMC because i had no decent DMCs and good AMCs.

Also for Levante i played a normal tempo and a disciplined creative freedom.

My defensive instructions were Balanced(default) for Levante, and a high line with commited tackling at Ajax. This is due to the fact that Levante had worst defenders and ideally, i would prefer a high line with commited tackling.

Attacking instructions is short passes through the centre with no additional instructions.

I tried playing with other tactics but this is the one i kept coming back to due to its sheer dominance. The key factors i feel are the inside forwards. No other position or role had such a huge impact.

I find that the key to success in the tactics i have used and found success in are, a stable back four of FB-CB-CB-FB, A front line consisting of atleast 3 main attackers whi focus on creating goals either for others or themselves. The midfield in my opinion make the least difference and is best to keep it simple.

Also narrow, attacking football with short passes through the centre.

So what do you guys think of inside forwards? Have they been as overpowered for you guys as they have for me?

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