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Career Rob and Taff present “The Strikerless 500”


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Hello one and all and welcome to this H2H contest between myself and @Rob2017

The strikerless challenge has swept the vibe community this year in no small part to our resident Fantastic Mr. @Foxy who created the challenge earlier in the year, and then with the recent strikerless portion of the Vibe Olympics brought to us by @Nucleus and @Titjes more people have enjoyed this fun but difficult challenge

After the Olympics I was tempted to try the strikerless 1K, but I had read that my opponent Rob was also interested in attempting the same, so I thought it might be more fun to have us do it as a H2H, rather than two separate careers.  I know there are some “cough” Ashez “cough” who don’t like too many similar careersrunning at the same time.

So I messaged Rob and asked if he would be interested in doing a joint thread where we go against each other to get 1K from a strikerless formation with one player.  Thankfully he was on board and we began hashing out the details, deciding on teams, players, rules etc

The two things we both agreed after a few chats was, first to maybe make the target 500 goals, rather than 1000 so that the thread doesn’t drag on and lose interest too fast (we may decide to carry on to 1K if there is enough love after hitting 500, from us and the rest of Vibe).  Second was that no player on the team could be any shade of green in the striker positon (wide attacking is a grey area I think as some wingers can play wide up top but not in the middle).


So with that little introduction out of the way may I present….. 


We have both made our options and you can see our player choices in the killer graphic courtesy of Vibe’s resident graphics guru Foxy


So yes I will be using....


Thomas Lamar, since the aim is 500 instead of 1000, I didn’t have an issue using a slightly older player (he’s still only 21), and he is a great young talent that many on Vibe have used I’m sure, but this will be my first time using him, and he has some great starting stats.  As for club choice, well I wanted a strong team with plenty of cash in a relatively weak league, so Germany, France, Spain or Italy.  I chose to go with Germany and….


I know a very obvious choice, but I find the Italian league way too defensive, making it harder to score, Spanish clubs play way too many games for my liking, and France was where I completed my 3k, so Germany it was.

Now as for my opponent, I feel he brings a good fresh feel to Vibe and he has been doing some great work on the site and I’m very excited about this H2H and I hope you will all enjoy as well.

And speaking of my opponent here he is to tell you about his choice and how he’s feeling about the upcoming event

’I would like to say thank you to @Taff for offering me this challenge. He’s a FMM legend and I’ve not been as nervous about anything on here as I am now. But I am quietly confident in my own abilities, so it should be a good challenge even if I do end up getting trounced. The ideal outcome is that we both smash it and end up with 1K

My choice of club....


I have chosen PSG for two simple reasons: the league is crap and you get tonnes of money. In a strikerless challenge you need all the help you can get. You’ll see I have a specific methodology to my signings as it’s a specific challenge.

As for my player choice I present...


Barco is the boy I’m going to be using simply because I’ve fancied using him in challenges before and not had the opportunities, so I thought I’d give him a go here. He has turned out pretty decent in previous saves and he is young enough to get training up to my requirements. Hopefully I don’t regret picking him.

I would also like to thank @Foxy for my cool graphic.

Onwards and upwards. Hopefully everyone enjoys following us. ‘


So there it is, the challenge will begin shortly with Rob and myself taking it in turns to present our seasons then a summery will be added showing our progress and our respective trophy cases once again accompanied by some of foxy’s excellent graphics work.

So without further ado let the contest begin

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All the best with this lads. I’ve used both players this year, Lemar in 90% of my careers and he’s probably my favourite player overall this year. I used Barco in my Napoli career too and he’s pretty solid

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2 hours ago, Taff said:

“cough” Ashez “cough”


1 minute ago, Taff said:

“cough” screw you foxy “cough”

You need to give up smoking mate as that's a nasty cough you got.

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2 hours ago, PriZe said:

Team @Rob2017 all the way! This is going to be fun! @Taff picking one of the highest PA and still crash and burn🤣 Hell you still have a cough of your last crash🤣

Go Rob🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

“Cough” screw you too panda man “cough” 😂

I really need to see a doctor about this cough 

cheers for the support @BatiGoal

Edited by Taff
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Rob and Taff present “The Strikerless 500”

Taff - Season 1

So here we are guys the first season is finished and @Rob2017 and myself are ready to share.

So the main job of picking our teams and star players was relatively easy, now comes the building and tactic shaping.

So just a reminder of how my chosen player Thomas Lemar looked at the beginning of season 1


man absolutele beast of a boy, greens in most of the right areas (his shooting is just below the green mark at 14), so I’m quietly confident about his ability to smash the goals in.

now the next part was to chose the tactic (which I won’t be sharing) and strengthening the squad accordingly.  

Here’s my transfers for the season 




The two big outgoings this year were Lewendowski and Muller, both strikers who had to leave, then Javi Martinez who wanted out so I granted his wish.


Now for players coming in I went nuts and really splashed the cash, but my tactic required some fresh blood in the squad


Thomas Lemar cost a staggering £70M from Monaco but I think it’s a fair price for a kid of his talent.  Then we strengthened all areas with Henrichs and Rudiger coming in for the defence.  Matic and Silva came in as starters in the CM, Thuvian as a new starting RW, then Quaison and Dendoncker come in as backups invade of injuries (Dendoncker can cover CD or CM)

But all that cost we’ll over £300M but next season I shouldn’t need any more than 2-3 players so it will be worth the cost

So the squad in place we set off to win as much as possible 

Here’s how the season panned out 



We began with a barn storming game in the German Supercup against Dortmund where Lemar began his Bayern Munich career with a brace


we smashed the league leaving our nearest opponent 28 points behind us and 1 goal shy of 100 for the season


The German Cup didn’t go our way as the game went to ET and Wolfsburg nabbing a late winner


We made it to the UCL final and destroyed Barcelona thanks to a rare hat trick from Lemar

So disappointing to not get the clean sweep l, but happy to grab the UCL title in the first season.

Now onto the important part, Lemars goal count for the season, and with a Strikerless formation I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m pretty chuffed with the results



good improvements to his stats and he proved why he was worth £70M


52 goals in 44 games is great in his first season, and things will improve I’m sure.

So there is my first season, I now hand you over to my opponent @Rob2017 for his results and then our new official score keeper @Foxy will post the first seasons results in a fantastic score card graphic.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all soon.

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So, here’s my first season. Taking on @Taff ain’t an easy thing, especially when you consider the ridiculous 3k challenge that he    destroyed a few months ago and his recent round, his history, and his favourite status in the Olympics. Let’s take a look at how me and Mr Barco got on.



If anyone followed my Strikerless one season challenge these transfers will look quite familiar. I want players who fit my style of play, and my style of play is to try and score as many goals and hope Barco gets the majority of them. It’s all a little bit Harry Redknapp. I’m personally not bright enough to figure a way to channel all the goals through just him, so the more the merrier.


VVD is one of my faves this season. KDB’s creativity is required, in spite of the goals he scored. Barco joined us for £5.75m.


Players with striker greens left, along with 872 others.

Team Results



3-1 down, but won 4-3 to win the season opener and Champs Trophy. Barco bagged a goal on his debut.


League Cup added.


French Cup added, with Barco scoring again.

Did we manage to win the Championa League?


Of course we did. Another goalfest.

And we won the league, which is obvious as we are PSG. 


The boy


Here’s how he started. Stats not the best. 


He got a few niggly injuries through the campaign, which hindered his progress. I reckon he missed a bit 1 1/2 months in total, but he became infuriating in that his condition would drop quickly in matches and he’d need to be subbed off around 60 minutes.

But then about a month or so from the end of the season the game went ‘hey, you deserve a break’ and he became this:


Which, for me, is lovey to see. Physicals nice and green, with a solid month injury free which ended with the CL victory.

So, the numbers...


35 in 49 games. Whilst not what you’d call win-worthy, I’m dead chuffed with that for a 18/19 year old who had a fair few problems. 


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Rob that’s a very good result for a young lad who’s had to work to get similar stats to where Lemar starts off.  Very impressed with Horne jump in his stats.

lets see what season 2 gives us

a huge thanks to our official scoreboard master @Foxy

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4 minutes ago, Taff said:

a huge thanks to our official scoreboard master @Foxy

Bonus points all round if anyone can name who's trophy cabinet that is in the background of the 2nd picture.

Great start @Taff looks like you are getting to grips with strikerless.

@Rob2017 as others have said that is a very good start by Barco and those totals are just going to get better.

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11 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Bonus points all round if anyone can name who's trophy cabinet that is in the background of the 2nd picture.

Great start @Taff looks like you are getting to grips with strikerless.

@Rob2017 as others have said that is a very good start by Barco and those totals are just going to get better.

Cheers dude, I came across a formation and instructions doing the last Olympic challenge and it worked wonders with King, so tried it moving my striker back to the AM and Lemar killed it, let’s hope it lasts

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Great start lads!

15 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Bonus points all round if anyone can name who's trophy cabinet that is in the background of the 2nd picture.

I’m thinking Chelsea? More importantly, John Terry’s?

Edited by Nucleus
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Taff, delicious start mate!

Rob, you're not too far behind, keep going as Taff starts to get nervous towards the end 😁

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48 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Lovely start from both. I’m joining team @Rob2017 as I’ve been on Taff’s side for most of the Olympics so time to mix things up. Plus he signed Alaba and Laporte.

Thanks mate. Although I did sign about 347 other players too 😭

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Season 2  it is then in the strikerless battle between @Taff and myself. After taking a bit of a tonking in Season 1 and ending 17 goals down, how did this season go?



In came three important Frenchmen, plus a youthie.


And our went VVD who was causing trouble and upsetting people, plus reserve players who I couldn’t shift in season one. Scarpa went for a profit too.70F6A3A3-4F27-4E6A-B2F1-6D15EFB6F149.thumb.png.926c87344c11fcdc5bc2d1980bee4d18.png



I kept the same formation as season one, which is my high scoring strikerless one. The problem arises in that I spent most of the tailend of the season tweaking it to try and focus on getting just Barco to score, which is frickin’ difficult.


We won the Trophy on pens.


And the Euro Super Cup came our way in a classic.


Despite ill discipline we grabbed the CWC.


And the League Cup came our way with a Barco brace.

We won the league. We are PSG.

Could we win the Cup and Champions League to complete the season?


Went out in the quarters of the CL after a terrible first leg.

And lost the final of the Cup in our last game of the season.


Overall record:





His stats at the end of the season look great. The last month or so they rose.

But, most importantly, how many goals did he score?


An improvement, but still not magical. Especially with the additional games. Still, I have a tweak I want to use as of next season so we will see what happens. 75 goals by the age of 20 ain’t to be sniffed at though.


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Rob and Taff present "The Strikerless 500"

Taff Season 2

So after a lengthy delay we are back (apologise again), but I'm here to share my results with you.

So first let's have a look at our season transfers 




So after James Rodriguez went back to Real Madrid I needed a backup AM incase of injury to keep our season alive, so I splashed out £80M on Christian Eriksen, then Coman wasn't signing a new contract so I sold him and replaced him with Marko Pjaca, then some backup at L/B in the form of Tierney, I needed a backup GK so Muslera came in as a cheap option, and I then invested in Meret as my future GK (loaned him out for the season), and finally Kondogbia came in for free as a backup CM 



As I said Coman wasn't playing ball and I'll be damned if he gets away for nothing, Hummels was moaning so let him go as well, then Bernat and Vidal who were only playing backup roles got let go as well.

So some new players in, shitheads out the door, now we were off to get our season underway, so here's how the team did



We began with a win in the German Supercup, thanks to a Lemar double and one from returning Gnabry


We edge out Liverpool in the Euro Supercup once again thanks to a brace from Lemar


No doubt in my mind we wouldn't win this and it's a nice easy hat trick for Lemar as well


We crushed the league for the second year running, 40 points clear of our nearest rivals


Lemar and Thiago combine to clinch the German Cup


Finally Lemar hits 2 again to seal the season with the Champions league crown and a clean sweep of trophies 

So a cracking season winning the lot, but now the important part, how did Lemar get on



His stats look uber impressive and he has worked hard this year


But a 3 week injury really slowed him up missing 7 games, but 48 for the season is nothing to complain about putting him at the magic 100 over his first 2 seasons

So there we have it guys, I promise the 3rd season won't take half as long to get to you, so thanks to @Foxy for the great graphics work as always and cheers for reading

Taff Out!!!!

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