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Tactics Possession is cheap! - 4-2-3-1

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Hello everyone who will take time to read this post. This is my first content to make on this site.

I would like to share you a tactic.

It's about a possession style football.


I usually play balanced, but control isn't a bad option either.


It's silly that i use Ball Winning Midfielder and Sit Back but It works.


You can go either Shoot On Sight or Work Into the box. Whatever you want which fits with your players.


I'm using FC United of Manchester and as for Lower League team, It got pretty nice, I signed Jordan Brown on free with Pickard aswell. Don't mention Barry Corr, that man is a beast.Screenshot_2018-06-09-23-32-02.thumb.png.6e1778c70af60300b187000bb3a857b7.png


Now here are some Matches that I would like to show.Screenshot_2018-06-10-00-09-09.thumb.png.79025060a42084af9c122d28c8a47112.pngScreenshot_2018-06-10-00-09-19.thumb.png.c6d71a7a7e1d18e04794f876da9048eb.pngScreenshot_2018-06-10-00-09-27.thumb.png.95c7b248490f8f16cbc66dc137a82806.png

I also got pretty good fixtures.Screenshot_2018-06-10-00-08-34.thumb.png.f7d24cea1bf34ff7f02fd4cb0fbb44df.png

Thank you for reading this article.

Hope that you will try this, and tell me if you have any trouble using this.

I will reply asap!

Cheers! 😊

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1 minute ago, gunnersaur said:

Nice tactic  id imagine with a top team it would be even better well done 

Thank you for replying! I hope that you will try it out. 😀

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16 hours ago, Schwantz34 said:

I'll give it a go when I finish some other tests.


7 hours ago, Titjes said:

Great looking tactic for lower leagues ;) and maybe even for the bigger leagues :)

Thank you for replying, it means a lot! :) 

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How far do inside forwards retain possession in this tactic. I mean inside forwards normally tend to dribble and shoot.

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