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Career Sam v Nucleus: A H2H Series

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Coming up tomorrow...

 An international special for challenge 2. Who can get furthest into the World Cup with a country of their choice with the twist of only being allowed to use players with a value of less than £1M?

It's an absolute cracker and extremely exciting if perhaps not up to the highest standard of performance 😂

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Challenge Two - International No-Hopers

So in the first challenge we saw myself take an early lead after a narrow victory in the North vs South challenge. However this one as briefly explained just a couple of posts above is a completely different test.

We both take charge of a national team of our choice and whoever gets furthest into the World Cup wins. The same round of exit means we go into a shootout and whoever loses first loses the challenge.

Here is @Nucleus with his update:

So Sam has talked you through the challenge we had to undertake in this second frame, and after careful consideration of which national team I would represent I decided that Portugal would be my best bet due to them already topping the qualifying group with only four games left to play and they’ve got some decent players valued at under £1m. So I was confident of overcoming the first hurdle and qualify for the World Cup Finals.


And that we did, with a two point cushion to spare. It came down to avoiding defeat against Switzerland in the final game to qualify and we did just that with a draw.

Our next stop was the World Cup Finals and this was the squad that would hopefully lead me to glory!


A who’s who of Portuguese football! I think Danny is the only one I’ve heard of. We were put in a group consisting of Iran, Algeria & current world champions Germany. So a fairly kind group considering the Germans haven’t got any players in the game, although their shadow players are immense.

Our first match saw us take on Iran and it made for a tense affair as they dominated the play but Yazalde pops up with a hatrick to kick start our tournament with a vital win.


Next up was Algeria and this tie on paper is harder than the Iran match, and once again it proved to be a tense affair but it swings 4-3 in our favour and we are all of a sudden in prime posistion to qualify.


Our final group game would put us against the world champions Germany, a win would see us top the group and be granted an ‘easier’ tie in the next round.


Win we did, and quite comfortably in the end as they fail to register a single shot on target and we breeze through to the last 16.


”Should be granted an easier tie” came back to bite me, as I was drawn against the 2014 World Cup runners-up Argentina. Would Messi and company be my final stop on this journey?


The answer is yes. A brace by Higuain and a Paulo Dybala strike sees us eliminated at the last 16 stage and puts an end to our hopes of World Cup glory. I can only hope that Sam hasn’t bettered my result!

My update

A last 16 exit for my opponent which on paper shouldn't be too hard to beat however this is definitely a trickier challenge than initially meets the eye.

My nation of choice were Italy and upon taking charge I was appalled to notice that they were second in the qualifying group when I took over, already well behind Spain so straight away we faced the prospect of a play-off to the World Cup! Not helped by results like this:


Eventually we came 2nd... Surely I at least made it to the tournament?



Just about made it. Here was the squad I used for qualifying:


I was faced with a relatively straightforward group in the tournament which was a relief, we'd be locking horns with Egypt, Iran and hosts Russia. I feel like the Uruguay of this FMM World Cup.

Here was the squad:


We overcame Egypt in a nervy first game, followed by a much more comfortable success over Iran.



However we then surrendered a two goal lead against the Russians meaning we sadly finished the group in second and received a tough last 16 draw against Spain.


Now we hit some controversy. Myself and Nucleus were playing this simultaneously and since I was halfway through the challenge I requested not to see his results, so instead of letting me see the results in our PM thread he "accidentally" plastered his result all over a group PM I am in with a few other members. This completely threw me off guard and was 90% the reason I unluckily failed to get past Spain. The other 10% was SI not letting me put 10 behind the ball after scoring as when I did I clicked tactics however Spain had equalised before my tactics screen loaded. I take no blame for this defeat.


So Nucleus swanned into the shootout emotions in check whereas I was left raging after what had just occurred :@

The Shootout

Simple really, we continued after the WC with the same restrictions but playing the matches in a shootout style. If one of us won and the other drew, then it would be over at the first hurdle.

I won the toss and asked Nucleus to go first. His fixtures were as follows:

H) Italy

A) Iceland

A) Germany

Whereas mine...

H) Uruguay

A) Holland

A) Croatia

He beat Italy fairly convincingly meaning I had to follow suit against Uruguay.


Could I keep the shootout going??


2 goals in two minutes keeps this show on the road!! Me to play first this time...


Not a bad draw on paper but frustrating not to get a goal after playing most of the second half against 10 men. A game point for Nucleus, he will tie this series at 1-1 with victory against Iceland.


And he converted! We have a level game after 2 challenges.


So what an exciting one that was! After its conclusion though we are level and it's all to play for going into challenge 3.

Score card 2.png

Thanks for reading :)

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38 minutes ago, samhardy said:

he "accidentally" plastered his result all over a group PM I am in with a few other members.

I wondered why that screenshot was familiar😂

What a tense round that was I need a sit down after reading that so its lucky I'm still at work. This has all the makings of a great h2h.

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5 minutes ago, Foxy said:

I wondered why that screenshot was familiar😂

What a tense round that was I need a sit down after reading that so its lucky I'm still at work. This has all the makings of a great h2h.

Genuine error that was 😐 plus he did want my results, he just decided that because I sent them to the wrong PM group he could use it as the excuse to why he lost 😂

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Tough challenge 👍 and an entertaining read. Congrats with the win, Nuke. 

Edge of the seat stuff. Need more.. 

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