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Alternative Save Ideas



A few days ago @Ashez linked me to a post he did way back for FMH 2014 which contained some ideas of alternative ways to play the game. I really loved these ideas and wanted Ashez to republish it in the FMM18 forum, Unfortunately Ashez wasn’t keen to do that as he doesn’t like to in his words “republish old s**t”. As I have no shame I am going to with permission from Ashez completely rip off his old article and claim all the ideas as my own:P

You can find the original article here: https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/20347-perspectives-of-play-is-fmh-just-a-management-game/?tab=comments#comment-178585

Credit goes to Ashez for his original article and the guys from Vibes past that came up with these ideas.



Director of Football

 Directors of Football (DoF) are a big part of most top flight clubs these days as they take over the burden of negotiating contracts with players, looking for transfer targets and signing the players that the head coach may or may not want. We don’t have the role available to us in FMM but can it be recreated with us as the DoF?

In this style of save you take the role of DoF and your assistant manager takes on the role as head coach. You can help out your assman by recommending tactic, signing players and employing coaches but all of the match day decisions are down to your head coach. When you get to match day you holiday of 1 day so that your assman takes full control of the game and then you return the next day to continue the day to day running of the club.


Head Scout

 We have scouts in the game but lets face it they couldn’t pick a good player if they tried and we can all do much better than they do. Time to prove it as you dust off your old sheepskin jacket, sharpen your pencil and buy a new notepad and go looking for talent.

In this challenge you move yourself to the role of head scout whilst your assman goes ahead and buys the players. At the start of the transfer window you need to scout the players that you think should be signed and add them to your shortlist. Once you have done this you holiday to the end of the transfer window but make sure you have ticked the only buy players from shortlist option in the holiday menu


At the end of the transfer window you should find that a number of your recommendations have been signed and it's time to see if your scouting skills are up to scratch by resuming your role as manager.


This my favourite of the three alternative save ideas as you become an investor of a club. In fact you will be a silent investor as you will have no say on how the money is spent. To achieve this you need to take over a club as manager and preferably one with tons of cash to spare and also pick which club you wish to invest in. You then manage your club as you see fit and as successfully as you can but every season you buy the club you are investing in worst player for as much as you wish to invest in that club. So for example I could take over at Manchester City and then invest £20m into my own club Oxford Utd every season with the end goal of seeing what the AI will do with the money and hopefully that the club will become a super power and I could always go for the managers job at some point so I could enjoy the fruits of your investments.

Ashez did a career in this way and you can find it here.

I hope these ideas from Vibes past have inspired you and maybe we might see some careers with these ideas incorporated into them. Do you have any alternative ways to play a save? If you do why not share it with us.


Thank you for reading

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Cracking ideas. And I'm a big fan of refreshing old sh?t and posting it. As long as it refreshed with a couple new things it's useful for both new and old members. 

Btw love the investor idea. 

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5 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

And I'm a big fan of refreshing old sh?t

Makes me wonder what other gems are going to waste in the depths of the vibe archives🤔

5 hours ago, samhardy said:

No more beautiful a sight than @Ashez in his prime :P


3 hours ago, Nucleus said:


I was tempted into it by that tease @Ashez but whether that would stand up in court I don't know.

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1 minute ago, Foxy said:

I was tempted into it by that tease @Ashez but whether that would stand up in court I don't know.

No it wouldn’t, i was in the PM group and he blatantly told you that you couldn’t recycle his old sh?t 😐😂

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It's nice to see this live on, unfortunately the ideas rely heavily on decent AI which is lacking but they can be fun and unique careers/stories. 

As for not reposting old stuff I see the point but I'd rather see other people's take. 

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