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Career Lilgwanz Attempts The Triple Threat Challenge-Completed!


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Hey guys, nothing fancy really. Had to re  install fmm18 after uninstalling it just a week of playing as i became bored or lost interest.I am back at it and here is another of my attempts to complete a goal challenge 😢 and this year's version seems i might achieve that provided i am patient enough lol.


Chosen players
  1. Rashford
  2. Isak
  3. And vibes favourite Kylian Mbappe


Chosen Club 

Obviously PSG durh!😎

So i am about 8 seasons in already hence the reason i decided to post it now on vibe but dont expect much screenshots as i get tired having to post all that



The players right now










Very inconsistent chap






Been playing him on the right and he doesn't seem to try to get the ball like kylian does

Season 1 to 8 total goals 

Goals scored -934

Goals Left-566


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Season 9

So  here is a quick update on how this season went for the trio!

Goals scored


I changed the position Isak was playing at cause he was too lazy to fight for the balls i had to make him a poacher and just let him kick balls into the net instead and i regret not doing this since 8 seasons ago, lesson learnt!

How we did this season in the league


I reckon we won all titles just got kicked out of the semi finals of the champions league by Barca 

And just about 4 loss total this season

Match of the season


This was the match that made me realize we were off to a good start this season lol

Goals scored this season-167 almost 200😉

Goals total-1,101

Goals left-399


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1 hour ago, BatiGoal said:

With a peaking trio it'll just be a matter of time before they hit the target. Nearly there.. 

Yea this season proved that...


i always thought at 27 the players start having random injuries and stamina issues but guess that was the stamina bug of previous versions of fmm

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And here is how we ended up after 13 seasons 





Total Goals
That's 1655 in Total
And double Trouble challenge would be between Mbappe and Rashford
Combined Goals -1241 goals 
That's it for this save!
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